Day 316 Friday’s Five

Five comments I didn’t want anyone to miss this week

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Five post I enjoyed reading this week

Art of Minimalism – Brainwashed how businesses get their dirty hands inside your head

The Minimalist Path – Heirlooms and the near death experience

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Raptitude – You must go do the next thing This is a little off my usual topic but it spoke to me so I wanted to share it with you.


I have my doubts about the value of rechargeable batteries. They cost so much more than ordinary batteries but they seem to only have a fairly short life before they don’t hold a charge properly. Is it just me or do others agree?
Battery Chargers

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. Cheap rail fares – I know I have said this before but I went to Sydney for $7.80 again today and I just love the value for money.
  2. A day for myself – I went to a bloggers festival.
  3. My hubby and daughter having some quality time together while I was away for the day.
  4. Good documentaries.
  5. Feeling good – Regardless of everything that has gone on lately I feel pretty good at he moment and I am truly grateful for that.
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  1. Gotta love daddy/daughter days, he pays for everything!

  2. Ohhh, a bloggers festival! How fun!

  3. Could your electricity be unstable or something? I mean, my rechargeable batteries last for up to 10 years before they become useless.

  4. Thanks for including my post!

  5. I like the rechargeable, although they do not last forever. We’ve had our current set of a dozen AAs for a couple of years, and they are all reaching the end of their recharge-ability, but I think they are well worth it.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I think some brands my be better than others too. i have one set that I have used for years while others just don’t seem to last. Maybe the years are just wooshing by so fast I only think they aren’t lasting long when in fact they are. 😉

  6. It hasn’t been that long that I started using rechargeable batteries and I was noticing they no longer held a charge. I have since been told that if you have, say, four of the same type and use two at a time, then you always need to use the same two together and recharge them together. Anyone else know anything about this?

  7. Oh my! The Raptitude post really hit home. I had to deal with the same situation with my dad this year. But just like he, I literally said to myself, “Do the next thing.”

    • Hi Di,
      my condolences for the loss of your father.
      I really felt this post was relevant to me too as my parents aren’t getting any younger. I would prefer to think that when their time comes that I will feel that they have had a good long life and hope that although I will miss them I won’t morn too long or too deeply.