Day 330 This weeks favourite five

Even though I enjoy all the comments I receive here at 365lessthings something about these five spoke to me this week.

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Here are five posts I read this week that I thought had really good messages.

Art of MinimalismWhy we’re bored and how to fix it

Becoming MinimalistThe freedom of less

Zinger Black Friday is coming hoarders beware

Be More With LessLove more deeply mini mission

Art of MinimalismThe un-productivity manifesto

Item 230 0f 365 less things

yes we are getting rid of more storage containers. Don’t need them now and don’t want to ever need them again in the future.

Stacking Baskets
5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. Art – Some pieces suit my taste better than others but it’s good to have variety.
  2. Affogato – What more could you need dessert and coffee all in one serve.
  3. Smiles – There was an ad on TV just now with a smiling chimpanzee, it made me smile too.
  4. Loyalty rewards for items you have to buy – Liam needed some art supplies today and due to how much we have spent at the store since Liam started art in high school we received $50 worth of free product. The bonus is that it isn’t clutter because it was all replacing used up supplies and these will get used up in turn soon enough.
  5. Accents – The Scottish accent in particular. When I moved to America I thought that being surrounded by another accent I would actually hear that I sounded different and I was disappointed when I couldn’t. All the Americans loved it though and I must confess that I liked all the attention I received because of it. When I came back to Australia I was even more disappointed to be just like everyone else and not “special” any more.
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  1. I love others’ accents, also. Interesting – what you mentioned about not being able to hear your accent when you were surrounded by people without the same one. I find it’s also interesting that people don’t seem to lose their accents over the years even when they move permanently to a new country. You would think it would be a gradual change but it seems to be that whatever you learned while you were growing up is what you keep for the rest of your life. Unfortunately for us Canadians, we are said to have no accent, just a flat, dull manner of speaking! (sob) (Except Newfoundlanders and Cape Bretoners, in case Bobbi is reading :))

    • Hi Jo.
      Canadians certainly do have an accent but it is just a little smoother than some American accents and you pronounce ou more like the Scottish. In fact having travelled a bit I find that in English speaking countries it is mainly the sound of the vowels that make the difference to the way we sound. I remember going ice skating with the kids once when I first moved to Washington state and the girl getting our skates for us said to me “I love your accent, I wish I had an accent”. She was most pleased to know that she did in fact have an American accent and I was most amused with the whole conversation.

  2. I feel so honoured that not one, but two, of my comments have appeared in your favourite five this week. When writing some comments this week I was thinking, I really should spend some time writing my blog instead of just reading and commenting on 365 Less Things, but your blog is so interesting and inspiring I just can’t resist.

    • Hi Isabella,
      thank you for spending time with us everyday and adding your voice to the conversation here at 365lessthings. Two of your comments made the favourite five this week because they were both great comments and one of them may end up as inspiration for a post this week. So keep it coming, you are not just having your say you are helping others.

  3. Affogato . . . I’ll have to look that up. I don’t know what it is. As you know, I love the link to Zinger. What a great way of looking at gifts – both the giving and the receiving.

    • Hi Cindy,
      an Affogato is a scoop of ice-cream with a shot of espresso on the side. You pour the coffee over the ice-cream and enjoy. A spoon is essential for this combination or dessert and caffeine hit delight. I had a chocolate affogato this week which consisted of a scoop of icecream with a hot chocolate shot. I bought vanilla ice-cream this week and am going to try to create my on chocolate affogato with an easy chocolate sauce recipe I have.