Day 66 Photograph for memories sake

At some point early in this exercise, my husband suggested that I photo document the items we rid ourselves of with the intention that I should get this blog up and running. I have since discovered two other good reasons for this archive of visual reminders of what was. The first being that we can look back on our achievement as we go along and remind ourselves how much clutter we expelled from the ever expanding space we live in. It inspires us everyday to come up with an idea for tomorrows contribution. The second reason is that, if there is the odd thing that we had a hard time parting with, we still have a place where we can go to reflect on those good times without it taking up valuable space except for a few megapixels on our hard drive.

Today’s item is a batch of old motorcycle magazines that my husband kept for nearly 20 years. The photos only shows a small sample of them.


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