Day 68: It Never Snows Here, So We Sold the Snowboard

A change of living location can render some items in your home useless due to variation in things like climate, living space, geography etc . For example, a snow shovel becomes redundant when you move from snowy New York to sunny Florida, a lawn mower may be of no use if you move from a house with a yard to an apartment building and those goggles and flippers won’t come in too useful if you move 300 miles inland. I know that in a couple of years time you might have a complete change around but trust me things can deteriorate from lack of use and might just become useless anyway so pass them on now while they are still in good order  and buy new ones or someone else’s cast offs if you return to your old lifestyle.  We moved from Seattle in the USA to the east coast of Australia making our snow gear just one of those things taking up valuable space in the garage so we sold it on eBay and I am sure it’s new owner will get more use out of it than we will and lets face it we bought it secondhand ourselves so the re-cycle goes on.

Snow Board Boots

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