Day 72 Accumulation + Laziness = Loss of Space & Dollars

Sometimes we can end up with multiples of certain things hiding in several places around the house. The Allen Keys that are today’s discard are a perfect example. They seem to have bred like rabbits throughout our house, some in the garage, some in the office desk, some in the kitchen drawer and some in that useful tool kit we keep in the laundry. This causes a two part problem, firstly- that there are just too many of them and secondly- that when you do need one you may forget some of the places they are hiding and end up having to buy another because you can’t find the size you need.

This problem is in part due to buying flat pack furniture as there are tools provided with every piece you buy. The idea is to use them and throw them away. In our case though we move around a lot due to my husband’s job and this kind of furniture survives a removal better if it is disassembled. What we should have been doing is comparing the new tools supplied with the ones we already have and toss them away if it they are duplicate of others. Also we are too lazy to walk the extra few metres to the garage where it makes the most sense to store tools of this nature instead we like to keep them handy “just in Case” hence why they accumulate in every corner of the house.

My point is that a little bit of sensible organisation can help cut down on the clutter and save a few dollars simply by knowing where something is when you need it, putting it back there when you are done using it and discarding it if you don’t need it.

Alan Keys

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  1. interesting. I have found the best way to keep them handy (and still not be clutter) is to tape them to the underside of whatever furniture they came with. That way I’m not guessing what size I need. So far, I haven’t found a piece that doesn’t have a discrete place to have the Allen key taped.

    • Hi *pol,
      thank for dropping in and leaving a comment. I take it that since you are commenting on Day 72 you have starting way back at the beginning and working your way through. Thank you for taking the time to do that and I just want you to know that you are most welcome here at 365lessthings. I hope you enjoy reading and eill join us here in the comment section on a regular basis.

      Thank you also for that tip on taping the Allen key to the piece of furniture they belong to. That is one sure fire way of making sure they are where you need them when you need them.

  2. I do the “tape the allen wrench to the furniture” thing as well. It’s come in very handy with the typing chairs that I use for dining chairs. The connections all loosen over time, and I can immediately fix them as I notice them.

  3. You are so right about flat pack furniture not moving well when assembled. I have a broken book shelf in my garage right now that broke in our move 2 years ago. I need to get it out of here today.


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