Day 73 Downsizing

Sometimes to de-clutter can mean downsizing.

Today’s item is a set of speakers and a tuner that have been taking up an un-necessary amount of space in our lounge room for some time. Even though we have replaced these items we still have ended up with “Less Things” because we have replaced two speakers and one tuner with one small i-Pod Docking station.

This is an example where de-cluttering is costing money, even though we did sell the old items on eBay for $50 it cost $399 for the new item. Taking into account that my husband bought the speakers and tuner before we were married 23 years ago I am confident that we have got our money’s worth out of them and are justified and replacing them with an item that better suits our needs in the 21st century.

Tuner & Speakersi-Pod Doc

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi Colleen,
    I have been taking the time to read your journey and Day 73 hit very close to home, I did this exact same thing not long back and wow what a difference! Mind you our stereo equipment was probably twice the size of yours and when we trashed it I asked my darling hubby why they made 5ft speaker frames when the thingys that give the sound are the size of a saucer? He did explain but thankfully technology has given us saucer sized boxes with fabulous boom sound from tic tac sized speakers! Gotta love that! If I had a photo of our old stereo unit next to the new one it would be laughable! Actually we all sort of de-clutter to smaller manageable clutter as technology advances (as long as the aforementioned is ditched!)
    I am so loving your blog and all the craziness 🙂
    Dizzy x

    • Hi Dizzy,
      the craziness is that only last week did he declutter the records that he no longer has a record player to listen to them with. But to be fair there was a certain amount of sentimental clutter involved in decluttering the records in comparison to decluttering some electronic equipment that had long ago stopped performing optimally. There was a lot of history tied up in those records but bless him he finally decided that there was no use hanging on to them.


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