Day 80 Owership is not Compulsory

A couple of days ago I added my bicycle to the things that are to go to charity. I have owned a bike since I was about nine years old. I rode a bike to school almost every day from that age. I bought my first new bike when I was about sixteen and when I started working for my parents’ business at the age of nineteen I used the bike to deliver the monthly accounts.

The use of the bicycle got less and less once I was married and had children but it has been one of those thing that I have always owned and relied on during a long period of my life. I have never not owned one since the age of nine. The one I am giving away has been ridden so few times in the ten years I have owned it that the little rubber spiky bits haven’t worn off the tyres.

It took a long time to decide I really wasn’t going to get the use out of it that I hoped. I would have like to ride it to work but then I would have needed to shower once I got there and there is no shower facility at my work. I took it out for one last test ride just to be sure and decided I really didn’t enjoy it and it was time to let go.

My point is the just because you have always owned a particular thing doesn’t mean you have to have one for the rest of your life. The age old rule applies if you haven’t used it in the last twleve months then you probably aren’t ever going to. Give it to someone who will.

Today’s item is a bench grinder that also hasn’t been used in years. It sold on eBay for $20.00, a good deal for the buyer.

Bench Grinder

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