Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 28Oct2011

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my five favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my five favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Fave Five Comments. Enjoy!

I loved this comment from Dizzy last week, she must surely be a proud mum. And no I didn’t pick this comment because Dizzy said I had beautiful red hair. 😉

Cindy recommended I highlight this comment from Ideealistin and what a beauty it is. I am glad Cindy pointed it our because it had snuck under my radar while I was away on the weekend of the the 15th.

Here is a great tip sent to us in a comment from Sabine. If you are having trouble decluttering your wardrobe maybe this tip will be the plan you were looking for.

Jane left this comment in response to Cindy’s column this week ~ How can you have MORE to declutter? Never be deterred by thinking will I ever be done decluttering. You are only finding more because you are continually getting better at it. Just keep pealing back those layers.

I have brought this comment to the forefront in case anyone has some advice for Leah. My advice was to go cold turkey and put them in the recycling. We spend far too much mental energy over stuff that doesn’t really deserve our attention.

Fave Five Web Finds. Happy reading!

Saving Advice ~ Use up, wear out, make do, do without. I just loved the motto to this blog.

The Non-consumer Advocate ~ Use it up-wear it out-make it do-or do without-challenge And here is more of the same.

The Zero Waste Home ~ A word on heirloom guilt  This great post from Bea at The Zero Waste Home just goes to prove that getting rid of sentimental/heirloom clutter doesn’t make you a heartless person. It just makes you sensible. The memories are still there every day and many ways without the clutter to back it up.

MiniMum ~ Top clutter – Paper-rules I loved Jess’s take on paper clutter in this post. One can never read enough blog posts on paper clutter until you are finally convinced you that you don’t need most of it.

This blog post from Willow, one of my long time regular readers, just goes to prove that the good things in life don’t come in packages.

Today’s Declutter Item

Freecycled last weekend were these 14 Coca Cola bottles. Needless to say there were many keen requests to take them off my hands. I am sure the new owner is pleased to have them in their collection. I know I was pleased to have them out of my garage.

Coca Cola Bottle Collection

Something I Am Grateful For Today

Some days just feel good and today was one of those days. Nothing special about it, it just went smoothly. I am grateful for that.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Aww thanks Colleen, still feeling like a ‘Rock Star’!

    Is everyone going to try ‘Nothing in November’ I actually think I can get 1/2 of the way through November without buying groceries. I’ve stocked up on bread & milk (we tend to do that when the price is really good, and believe me with sandwiches and drinks at dance we definitely go through a lot). I still have meat, chicken & fish in the freezer & heaps of frozen veges & thanks to my BIL’s vege patch harvest, I have heaps of pumpkins, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and there will be fruits soon & beetroot, tomatoes and lettuces, and the best thing is it’s free, so it’s looking good for me. I reckon I may even come up with a few choice ‘throw it all together dinners’ haha. I do love a challenge!
    Lets see how I go, who’s with me?
    Dizzy 🙂

  2. The article you mentioned on “heirloom guilt” is well worth reading.
    I’ve tucked that blog into my feed reader! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Colleen,
    Thanks for the favourite blogs; always interesting to read new ones; a couple of very good today.
    Re “use it up”: that’s what I’ve been doing with all those mini-shampoos and bath oils from hotels, etc. – years and years worth. I’m still not there yet, but cleared a number recently, noted that they were pre-recycling plastic, saved them for kindergarten, had a better brainwave, bought a big shampoo from the $2 shop, and refilled them all, added the multitude of mini-soaps, and took the whole lot to the men’s refuge in town. They need lots of these and they give one of everything out to each person through their doors – they were thrilled with them, I was quit of them – good result. (And more shampoo in the big recyclable bottle for the remaining bottles.) So why don’t I just pass on the little bottles as-is? Well, I enjoy trying the different types of shampoo. 🙂

    • Good effort Ann. I am glad you added that last sentence because I was beginning to think you had gone to all the bother for nothing. Now I am going to google men’s shelter in my town. I really don’t know of any but it is high time I found out.

    • amazing. I never thought of that one before. I am like you, I try shampoo only in small bottles and usually use a small one for travelling. but thats just one…
      THANK YOU ALL for giving such great advices.

    • Another use for all that shampoo-dilute it a bit with water and fill a squirt bottle. Keep it in the laundry and pre treat the stains on the inside of shirt colors, especially those work shirts! It really helps to remove the stains. Been doing this for years.

  4. Colleen,
    so I snuck under your radar? Hihi. But I guess one cannot really hide from you anyway … Not, that I would want to. Thanks for pointing out the comment. I liked it, too (uh, this sounds big headed … but I liked having this revelation. And as spelling it out for others sometimes really is spelling it out for yourself, clarifying your thoughts, I guess I can say I liked it ;-))
    I think the community sense on your blog is really what makes it stand out from other blogs.

    • It was a great revelation Ideealistin and one I hope everyone will come to terms with during the process of decluttering because it is the key to staying decluttered that’s for sure.
      I am glad you feel so at home here at 365 Less Things, I feel the same. It scares me sometime that my blog might get so popular that I couldn’t possibly answer all the comments. I suppose then I will have to make some sort of compromise but I really don’t want to.

  5. I love Sabine’s comment! I am going to do that very soon. 🙂
    It always amaze me to see closets pictured in magazines. They look great but are almost always empty…. Conclusion: if you want your closet to look good, just empty most of it!


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