Friday’s Favourite Five

It was another big week for comments this week which makes it hard to narrow it down to just five but these are the ones I chose. Sorry if yours didn’t make it but it was probably on the short list.

Patricia on Letters and Greeting Cards – As I try to clear the clutter in my house and try to live a more minimalist lifestyle…Read more

Calico ginger on Mini Mission Monday – Wow, what a great response to the mini missions!…Read more

Cindy on 10Jan2011 – A husband story from the Bogard household… Read more

Annabelle on Letters and Greeting Cards – Years ago, at a local historical society ‘library’ facility, while researching my family tree, I came across a hand written letter… Read more

Denise Yribarren …I am helping a neighbor who is trying to provide baby clothes and baby formula for an orphanage in Tanzania….Read more

Five posts I enjoyed reading this week. There aren’t many directly about decluttering but there is more to the attitude of decluttering other than stuff.

The Personal Excellence Blog Cultivate-a-good-habit-in-21-days

Good News Network.orgOcean-plastic-patch-exaggerated Thanks to Cindy for letting me know about this link. It is nice to have soom good news about the environment for a change.

Becoming MinimalistThe-hidden-power-of-humility

My Zero WasteDecluttering-zero-waste

Zen Habits5 Ways to lose your stuff – (Not your lover) I know this is going to be a must read for some of my dedicated declutterers out there.

Today’s Declutter Item

These were a batch of old posters I stumbled upon by accident when I went to mat some artwork. Sadly that says a lot about how often I use my mat cutter but we will ignore that for now. These went in the recycling bin.

Paper Recycling 14JAN2011

Things I am grateful for today

  • The floods in Brisbane did not get as high as they feared they might.
  • No more dental appointments for Liam for a while.
  • A cool afternoon breeze.
  • We had a foot long Blue Tongue Lizard visit us in our garage today – it remains to be seen if he has moved in permanently or not.
  • Another load of stuff went to the thrift store today.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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  1. Enjoyed the My Zero Waste read – and there is lots on that site to follow up on.

  2. thanks for the mention and the continuing inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you get up to next week! I’m off to check out the personal excellence blog and learn how to put good habits into place.

    • Hi Mrs Green,
      I love the concept of the 21 day challenge the is happening over at the personal excellence blog at the moment. I wrote a little snippet about this concept myself back on Day 87 it truly does work. Good luck with whatever challenge you decide to undertake.