Friday’s Favourites ~ 20 Jan 2011

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Favourite Comments. Enjoy!

I loved this attitude from Faith and  I am exceedingly grateful to the thrift stores for accepting my stuff too.

I liked this short comment from Ann. The benefits of decluttering are realised in little ways that add up to a big difference in the long run. In what little ways have you noticed the difference a little decluttering can make?

Spendwisemom has the right idea in this comment. If we lived our lives like most of us treat our good china what a boring life it would be. (Ssshhh. Just don’t tell my son I said that alright. He is a big enough danger to himself already 😉 )

Our friend Dizzy has the most interesting comments at times and this one is a doozy.

Favourite Web Finds. Happy reading!

We have another new reader Karen who has recently started to declutter and blog about it. Take a look at her site ~ ~ she has gotten rid of a lot of kitchen items and yarn and that was just two of the many items that have gone since the 26th of December.

This link has nothing to do with decluttering but has such a worthy intent that when I was asked to feature it on my blog by Siobhan I couldn’t say no. It is focused on a United States audience but some of the tips are universal. ~

And here is a link just for fun. Cindy shared this one with me and I had to feature it here for all you book lovers out there. Enjoy! The joy of books.

I must give a warning before you read this next link as his idea is sound but his language can be a little colourful at times and some may find it offensive. ~ Stop buying, start “temporarily owning”.

Spendwisemom sent we this link that is a real eye opener. The lady in the interview said it was shameful and she was right about that. All I can think of when I see this is the people are starving in the world.

Here’s another good link sent to me from Cindy. ~ My battles with clutter – Sorting the wheat from the chaff.

And why has it taken so long for these to make it onto the market. I believe the technology has been around for years. Hush money perhaps? ~ The world’s first air-powered car.

Today’s Declutter Item

I think these are discs from a hard drive. One of those things set aside that might come in useful one day. Surprisingly enough one day never came.

I might use these one day clutter

Something I Am Grateful For Today

A cool afternoon breeze, taking the time to welcome the new neighbours, refreshing watermelon for lunch and finally ordering my new glasses. My desire not to shop does sometimes impede my progress at buying the things I do need, but I am OK with that.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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  1. They THREW AWAY half of a grass feed cow that’s been stored in the freezer!!!!! Are they INSANE?????

    • No, Just extremely wasteful and most likely materialistic and ambitious. As I see they are probably one of those double income families who aren’t just striving to put food on the table for them and their children. They are simple working hard to achieve all the stuff they don’t really need at the expense everything else. Sound familiar? If they have no time to cook a meal how much time do you think they are spending as a family. I just hope it is worth it for them in the end.

  2. I enjoyed your Friday favorites this week. The food wasters were particularly distressing. I guess they were “aspirational” cooks, who ended up eating their meals out. Food waste has always really bothered me. We’re renting a house with a small fridge (just bigger that dorm-sized), so I have to make a list and stick to it when I go grocery shopping. There’s no place for food clutter in our house.

    • I think you are exactly right, aspirational cooks for sure. And you know what Delona I would stick with the little fridge because in reality you don’t need one any bigger. The one you have is teaching you good shopping habits.

  3. Hard disks make useful drinks coasters if you don’t need absorbency 🙂

  4. Some great comments and some great links. The food wasters one was especially interesting. We aren’t as bad as that when it comes to wasting but we are not winning when it comes to monthly shopping and meal planning. We were very good at one time at buying once a month except for perishables, planning our meals and using up what we bought. Now I am finding that neither of us have very good appetites and we want something fast and not much of it. It’s back to figuring out what we will really eat and how. I want one of those air cars. Actually, I wish we lived where I could do without a car for the most part. Maybe a place where you use one of those community cars where people share several cars. I think it would make people more aware of how much they are driving impulsively. It’s easy to get in the car for a quick trip when it is sitting in the drive. You are more apt to think and plan when you have to use public transportation or a shared car.

    • I am surprised you don’t have the food planning down pat Deb J. I thought for sure you would be on top of this. As you say it is time then that you start observing your habits and alter your shopping accordingly. I am tending to shop local more often these days regardless of the price difference. I and up with better quality and fresher food with no waste what-so-ever. And it is easy to shop without plastic with the local stores as well.

      I want an air-car too. That is the only car I would own. If I had to go on a long trip I would just hire a standard car.

  5. Colleen, I definitely need new glasses but probably not the sort you wrote about. I read “the world’s first air powered car” as “the world’s first air powered ear”! You don’t want to know about the Picasso-like images that flashed through my mind.

    • No Shirls we are talking about the same glasses. The reading strength of my eye-glasses is starting to fail me and like you I see things incorrectly at times. I can’t imagine what the images were you saw when you read “world’s first air-powered ear”. That is funny. It gives “blowing in your ear” a whole new meaning I am sure.

  6. Food waste…. attrocious! But it doesn’t happen in my house very often. I cook at home, and if something is close to the best before date (it rarely happens unless I buy it that way to get a bargain) it gets used ASAP.

    Air powered car…. I know I’ve seen air powered vehicles (with compressor tanks) before… maybe mining equipment? I wonder how they get any range and prevent diminishing power?

    Stashingless is on the same path I am so I like it.

    Owning temporarily…. so that’s what I can call it! I’m not quite as extreme as that guy, but I started thinking of a purchase as a temporary arrangement a while back. When I buy something (used usually) I think about how many uses I’ll get out of it before I will be donating it to the thrift store. It helps me put a limit on how much I’ll spend on one-use items like fancy dresses (I’ll often ask my sister if I can borrow something instead).

    • I have seen one of those air~powered cars on the British TV show Coast. One was used by the caretaker on a little Island. The article said they have a range of about 120km I think that would be far enough for a vehicle that is just meant for around town. I would just hire a car for longer trips.

      Owning temporarily is even better if it is just through borrowing. No expenditure there and no problems with what to do with it when you are done.

  7. Thanks for this week’s links.

    I especially enjoyed the new Stash Less blog, and immediately added it to my blog roll. The author has a very entertaining writing style. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. Loved the “stop buying, start ‘temporarily owning’ ” article. That’s pretty much how I lived during my college years out of necessity. I hope one day to sort of get back to that, because I love the idea of one not really owning anything indefinitely; that way objects have less of a hold on you.

  9. I checked out Karen’s blog site and wanted to leave an encouraging comment, but I don’t subscribe to any of those profiles. Just thought maybe she would see this and change how a person can comment. Could be other people have the same situation. Thank you.

  10. I want Cindy to know I got rid of >8 recipes this morning (8 bits of stuck on paper, more than one recipe on each page). And then I planned my baking for today and tomorrow (including what things I need to bake them IN!)

    I liked the temporary owning – something I’ve thought of (but not done!). I can’t pay my bills came up (I open them all and then read), and I thought it was some random spam/pop up, opps, and then closed it.

    • I have forwarded your comment to Cindy so she knows. She will be proud.

      Buy second hand or borrow and then resell or give back. It is a great concept.
      You silly Billy, I can’t pay my bills is legit.

  11. Hi Colleen, the “Joy of Books” link almost made me cry with happiness!

    Finally back on-line after our move (yay!) and am pleased to report that even though this new house is smaller than our old one *everything* fits!! It is a real testament to all the decluttering I’ve been doing these past few years. There are even some empty shelves in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards, which makes me very happy. Now that I have a shed I can put my charity donation box there, so I don’t trip over it in the hallway every day 🙂 There are SIX op shops within walking distance that I am just itching to investigate, and I think today is the day. Have 2 full archive boxes of stuff to donate already.
    Now off to read the other Friday links.
    Loretta xx

  12. oh wow. good ones this week. especially the comments. I somehow missed a lot, I should get going and catching up again…

    food waste is horrible. but it happens. I try to avoid it, but its hard. I get a weekly box with veggies and fruits and so I always have stuff at home. on the one side, thats amazing, because I prepare and eat so many things now, I would never ever buy myself in the supermarket. On the other side, there is also stuff that requires some serious cooking and time intense preparations, and there are weeks in my life where I am not really up for that. And then there is stuff that I simply dont like (but thats rarely happening, and if I give it to friends who like it).
    I just decided on a use it up challenge on marmelade. I have 5 different ones and I really need to use them up before they are gone. so no more cheese on my bread, but fancy self made marmelade…

    • There is the opportunity in my neighbourhood to purchase those veg & fruit boxes but I always feel that with the stuff being random I may end up wasting some of it. I know they are usually a lot less expensive but I think I will stick with my local green grocer.
      Enjoy that marbelade, it is so yummy on toast for breakfast. It is also good with Nutella (chocolate spread) on crepes. Mmmmmmm!

      • the thing is: I really really enjoy trying new things. I am forced to find new recipes and the best thing: everything is organic and local (you can taste the difference). I really enjoyed this weeks box and everything (!!) is gone already.
        I opened one orange marmelade and I loved it. I dont buy nutella anymore, because once the jar is open, I cant stop.

        • So Lena has a nutella weakness hey! Best to stay away from that then since you have lost so much weigh lately it would be a shame to put it all back on.

          You make a good point about the new stuff in the box giving you the chance to try new things and new recipes. That part I wouldn’t mind so much. Quantities could be my problem especially fruit as I am the only one who eats it in this house. My hubby is on a low carb diet and although he loves fruit sugar is sugar whether it is lactose, sucrose or fructose. He does eat lots of vegetables though.

          • I disagree. there is a big difference between fruit sugar and industrial sugar. and if you eat a lot of fruits and veggies you dont have to do the additional nutrition pill-popping. totally useless in my opinion.
            there is nothing like fruit salad… and cakes and gelees, and all sorts. I also discovered that it is easy to put fruits into “normal dishes”, apples to cabbage, nectarines into salad, etc…

            who has NOT a nutella weakness?? 😉

            • I agree Lena, there is a big difference between the sugars but they are all carbs. I actually was a bit disappointed when he said he was cutting fruit with the new eating lifestyle. He used to eat two pieces of fruit per day and was never sick. But he still doesn’t get sick and he has lost 15kg and he does eat lots more veggies. No potatoes of course because they are all starch another carb.

              I do like a little Nutella myself, that’s why I know about that crepe combo. I might have to buy some next grocery shopping trip. 😉

              • wow. I could never stop eating potatoes (or other carbs for that matter). far too good and practical… but good for him losing 15 kg, thats massive!!
                enjoy your nutella, I really miss it 😉

  13. Thanks for the mention, Colleen! I’m loving having the blog to share what I’m getting rid of and knowing I need to post daily keeps me looking for things to donate/sell. I’m starting to see some empty spaces… and I’m loving it!

    • That is what I found when I first got started. Even though I didn’t start actually blogging until I had been at it for 64 days I had the intention to blog about it and was taking photos every day for that reason. My husband started the blog for me when he got home from working overseas. It sure helps to keep you focused when you have an audience to keep you honest. Than finding something to write about each day really got me thinking about the emotion behind the clutter. It all together opens your mind up and get you more ruthless about getting rid of stuff.

      I hope you have had a visitors today due to the mention. One thing I would like to see you do and another of my readers mentioned the same, is to add Name/Url and Anonymous to your comment identity choices. I was deterred from leaving a comment because I didn’t like the ID choices available and so was my other reader.

  14. There is a website called that provides free cell phones(250 minutes a month) to those on certain State and Federal Assistance programs. The programs are listed on the site. You just fill out the form and click the box of the program with which you participate. It takes about two weeks for the phone to arrive. I guess this is US only, but there may be similar programs in other places. The food waste is very sad. 🙁 Years ago when my Dad was well he used to use the Senior Center van and pick up bags of bread and pastries that would have been thrown out. I’m not sure if they still do it, but I hope so!

    • Hi Lisa, that I can’t pay my bill site looks very useful and as you say even if the links are only relevant to the US it gives people ideas to search for similar assistance in their own areas. And yes the food waste is sad. I know that in Australia there are organisations like Food Rescue that collect the day old stuff from restaurants etc and distribute it to those in need.