Inspiring Change ~ Lynn Fang

Lynn Fang of Upcycled Love has recently released a new ebook called Inspiring Change. With contributions from over 25 bloggers and readers, including myself, she has compiled a wonderful ebook.

Her introduction to Inspiring Change…

“You want to make a difference in this world by helping others live more consciously.

But how can you make a difference on your own?

Your attempts to share your knowledge with others receives an attitude of defense, rather than acceptance.

How will you ever make a positive impact on the world?

This was the question I asked over and over again, as I began to green my life and grow more conscious of my decisions. I had no idea how to talk about the issues in a way that wouldn’t get me grimaces and scowls. So I asked for help.

Over 25 bloggers and readers helped answer this question through sharing their stories of what worked and what didn’t in trying to have a more positive influence.”

Here is my contribution to Inspiring Change

I don’t think any attempt to convert someone to a more sustainable way of thinking and acting could be considered a failure. To make no attempt at all however would be. It is unlikely that preaching at people will be effective but to gently plant the seed of thought and nurture it when you can is more likely to be a more successful approach.

I am no saint when it comes to doing all the right things so I don’t expect miracles from others either.

One small battle and personal success of mine to stem the tide of consumerism was to convince my family and friends not to buy gifts for me any more. This also lead to the adoption of a new tradition of doing Secret Santa when we get together at Christmas rather than everybody buying everybody else gifts. I thought I would receive more resistance to this but it was embraced wholeheartedly. One more victory in the fight for a healthier environment.

I emailed my initial reaction to this ebook to Lynn as follows…

Hi Lynn,

I have only read the first three contributions and I am already hooked. This ebook will not only teach others to show the way but lets those who need showing see past any judgemental advice and know that behind it is only good intention. I have already learned some errors I have been making and look forward to going back out into the world and keep trying to make positive change. Thank you for the time and effort it took to put this great little publication together and thank you for including me in it.

Please download your free copy of this inspiring ebook here it may also help you to be a part of the changes you want to see take place in this world.

Today’s Declutter Item

These were some of the Snoopy items that didn’t sell on ebay. I have since donated them to the thrift store.


More Snoopy items

Something I Am Grateful For Today

The wonderful response from my readers regarding my gratitude item. You are all so gracious and understanding. I am also grateful to cold & flu medication, I tried avoiding it but five days of this wretched cold was getting me down so I succumbed and I am feeling rather mellow now and my nose isn’t running.


“In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” Brother David Steindl-Rast

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Great post. I think the best thing we can do it is to do our part and to teach our kids. Little by little, the world will be a better place. Most of the progress isn’t going to happen doing one big thing, but the accumulation of many small things.

    • Good advice Spendwisemon. Teaching our children to do the right things is key to a better future. After all it is them and their kids and the so on that will inherit the mess we have made so far. Hopefully with a little tender loving care we can turn things around.

  2. Hope you get better soon Colleen – I have been laid low for two weeks now by a humdinger of a cold and I am worn out by it.
    I wrote a big post yesterday but it disappeared and I hadn’t the ebergy to repost! But I agree – love the gratitude bit but only do it when it doesn’t pressure you. Means we get to experience gratitude 1st hand when you do manageto post one :O)

  3. Meant to add, there is a really good series on UK tv at the moment called ‘Living with the Amish’ where 5 british teenagers are doing just that. Nice insight it to the simplicity of the Amish lifestyle.

  4. Thanks for telling us about the e-book. I downloaded it but haven’t had time to read it yet. I’m happy to announce that the Ladies Tea went off great on Saturday and my house is beginning to get back to it’s normal neatness. Over 100 ladies enjoyed a good program, a good meal and lots of laughs. It was a good day. Now I can relax because we pulled it off and that was my last time of heading one up.

    • Hi Deb J,
      I am glad your Ladies Tea was a success. It can be stressful leading up to these things hoping they will go off well. Most of the stress is mostly fabricated in our heads though, imagining things that haven’t happened yet. You can sit back and relax now that it is over.

  5. Thanks for the ebook. I downloaded it and read it – so, so true.

    • Hi Ann,
      how did you read it as someone receiving the message of change, as someone who has tried to influence others or as both? What thoughts did it provoke?

      • Hi Colleen,
        I’ve just discovered this message now!
        Mostly as one who tries to influence others (and often “gets up their noses”, to use a Kiwi saying). It mainly told me I should pull back a little, and use the method I apply to my Christian message:- I don’t PUSH that – I live it, and leave it to others to want to know why I do things the way I do; I suppose I should try to apply that to my “planet message” – but it still feels too urgent for that! So, overall, I felt a bit chastened, and impatient. I do believe, too few of us give a real damn about what we throw out, to clutter and spoil our planet, compared to the “virus on the planet” that we have made ourselves, and therefore we have to share our views, in the hope of bringing more people on board.
        Colleen, there you have it: you did ask. I hope you’re not sorry!!!

        • Hi Ann,
          I understand fully. I think the message does have to get out and fast. We can encourage those who are sympathetic to the cause to continue to improve and hopefully be setting a good example for the stubborn ones. But those stubborn ones will only dig their heals in if we try to push them. So the only thing to do is keep getting the message out without being judgemental and hopefully that will work.

  6. Yes, sometimes stress is all in our heads. This time is was in people not doing what they promised and having to take up the slack. But, it was worth it and it went great.

    • Hi Deb J,
      I can just imagine that situation. I was struggling to get eight households to cooperate so I can just imagine what it would be like to organise an event for 100 people.