Mini Mission – Friday 15Sep2017

Declutter an electronic item. It could be an excess cable or that’s second refrigerator that you don’t really need.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Ugh. We have a fridge we want to get rid of. But it’s in the basement. Why are they always in the basement? We had to pay someone to get it out of our old house–we are hoping this more modern fridge is lighter enough we can haul it out ourselves. (Also, this one still works so we’re hoping to sell it. First have to get it into the garage, though!).

    • That was supposed to be “get one out of our old house”. Not the same fridge–but both houses came with old fridges in the basement!

    • Well, the fridge is still there but I got rid of 90ish DVDs. Easier than the fridge and nice to have the shelf space.

      My partner also decided to get rid of a bunch of platters out of hard drives. They are pretty but we haven’t done anything with them in years and probably won’t. So in the box to go to the arty-supplies charity shop when they reopen donations next month.

  2. I haven’t been reading for a while, but am excited to see you are posting a daily mission again Colleen. Thank you!
    I have been steadily decluttering for what seems like years now. We sure must have had a LOT of stuff to start with, as we still have plenty to go.
    Not including the influx from my late parents home.
    Starting with today I am looking forward to working my way backwards through the missions, probably back a month or so, adding my item each day to the comments.

  3. Found my item. A mobile (cell) phone that was missed in a previous purge. Plus its charger, accessories, and even the box it came in.
    Ha ha, these were not all in the same place, I had to hunt them down. Win!

  4. Mine is not an electronic, I guess, but it IS electric! :). I just removed one of my slow cookers.

    Also, last night, I went through a lot more old cards and got rid of a pile!

  5. Idgy of the North

    Our electronic bathroom scale seems to have stopped working. As there is a very fancy weigh scale at the gym where we work out, then off the broken one goes to electronic recycling centre.

  6. Found the filter from a hot pot we no longer own. It was taking up space in one of our kitchen drawers. I’ve been ignoring it for years because I had no idea what it was for. Finally figured it out and it’s out of here.