Mini Mission ~ Friday 25Aug2017

Declutter something from the garage or a storage space, such as an attic or basement. These hidey holes are usually brim full of stuff that may once have been useful to you but no longer are.

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  1. I have a hose caddy & hose that needs to go. Part of my yard and gardening clear out. Have really seen a difference, and things are much easier to maintain. Now I have time to concentrate on plants instead of all the tools.

  2. Found an outdoor garage ceiling light in our basement storage area that was still in the package. It was a gift from years ago so I hesitated to get rid of it, but we were never going to use it. We have a light in our garage that we like better. I guess I have a problem letting go of gifts! Other donations from this week’s mini-missions include: old spice mix and hot sauce (ingredients – another gift!), a crafting magnifying light gadget (haven’t used in a year), a shirt (used to use but I no longer wear), and a necklace I’ve never worn (metal – another gift!).

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. My husband says the hose we use in the backyard has decayed and we will chuck it. We will not replace this hose unless we find we really need it because we use the hose we keep in the front yard 99% of the time. That is where the birdbath, gardens, and cars are. The backyard hose was for the kiddie pool which didn’t get much use this year.

    If anyone is planning a big landscaping overhaul, though, old hoses can be useful in designing curved borders. (they can be chucked after the project is complete 🙂 )

  4. I don’t know what happened, but one of my husbands nicer t-shirts got a big spot on it that didn’t come out after 2 washes. I asked him if he wanted to make it into a “work” shirt (mowing, etc). He did. He already found an older work shirt to discard! 🙂