Mini Mission – Friday 29Sep2017

Declutter yet another item from your kitchen that is never or seldom used. There are so many items in most kitchens so there is usually something among them that can be decluttered.

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  1. Hmm…. I have 3 vases on the counter. I decided I didn’t need them, but I washed them and set them out to dry and somehow they are still there. I shall go put them in the donation box. The counters being cluttered is getting to me–I’ve been working my way around to figure out what should be on the counter and what shouldn’t and it’s looking better, but I keep skipping those vases for some reason. No more!

  2. I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago that I would go through every cupboard, drawer and shelf in our house, being ruthless and getting rid of anything we don’t need/haven’t used. I have created two piles: better stuff for the Charity Shop and less than perfect for the upcoming Scouts Jumble Sale . Going really well. Sorted out every cupboard, drawer shelf in our Utility and Kitchen, also odd little forays in various bits of my wardrobe, getting rid of the odd T shirt, old trousers etc. feeling really good. Next stop, the dining room and sideboard. Don’t think much will go from there, but every bit is great! I have always gone through cupboards on a regular basis and am pretty good at getting rid of things but I was amazed at what I found in my Utility cupboards! These cupboards have been obviously missed. I found 3 lots of flea preparations,and our cat died 13 years ago! Good heavens! At the back of a cupboard in the kitchen I found a half used tin of biscuits Use by date Dec 2002! A lot of old cleaning products which went in the rubbish bin. Old rusty baking tins to recycling. So, getting rid of old casserole dishes, tea towels, oven gloves, cookery books, cruets, Tupperware, aprons, various vases, a milk jug and sugar bowl, pottery jar etc etc. All good!!!!

  3. 2 salad servers that I’ve had for over 20 years…never used

  4. A set of salad servers that I’ve had for over 20 years…never used

  5. I bought 4 new glasses and got rid of 4 existing glasses. Also gave away 2 new unopened packs of facial cleaning wipes. I found that by using a 3rd pack that I’m allergic to them. Tossed the open pack and will stick with soap & water.