Mini Mission – Friday 2Feb2018

Declutter something that makes you feel uncomfortable, whether physically or mentally.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I am decluttering the “bullet” mixer and containers that go with it. They are from the nutrition organization I bought a bunch from thinking I would lose all the weight I need to lose. Turned out I was allergic to a bunch of it. Anyway, every time I look up on that shelf I feel frustrated and irritated. Now it’s gone. YES!!

    • Deb, if you find the “magic bullet” for weight loss, please let me know!!! : )

      • Brenda, no wheat, low carb, high fat

        (good fat, i.e. avocados, nuts, real butter, heavy cream, hard cheeses unless you have to be dairy free)
        I don’t use anything low fat. We’ve been lied to about that.

        I know I jumped in. I know Deb J will have a good answer too.

      • Isagenix was good but I didn’t have the money and was allergic to it. If I could I would still be on it.

        But, I can’t be on it so I am learning to do it the hard way which is probably the best way. Besides having 50+ foods I am allergic to, I am also diabetic. I use good fats but not too many. I eat meat, veggies and fruits. I stay away from eating much in the way of starches like baked goods, corn, potatoes, peas, rice, etc. I also stay away from dairy because of my allergies–I use Silk Coconut Milk from the dairy case. Fruit is my dessert. One thing I make is fruit gelatin with Know gelatin. I don’t use sugars. I cook everything from scratch for the most part. I don’t use prepared foods even frozen except for frozen, plain veggies or fruits.

        • We don’t use sugar either…occasionally a few drops of stevia. And the only frozen foods we buy are plain veggies and fruits with nothing added. I do order a few things from because they use coconut flour and almond flour…no wheat flour.

          • Deanna ar USA, I will have to check them out as I can’t even have almond flour so the coconut flour stuff would be great

  2. I decided it was finally time to take Colleen’s suggestion to get rid of things that didn’t reflect who you are currently…a fantasy self. She made the suggestion ages ago…finally decided it was time to pull the plug on stamping & card supplies. Last year I got rid of most of my stamp sets. I have gotten thousand card stock, sorted by color and priced for garage sale. Also blank cards, envelopes

    Have ink pads and embellishments left to price. Which I knew someone local that stamped and could just sell as a lot for a real cheap price. Can’t believe how much stuff I had!

    • Calla, where do you live? It is 12:30 A.M. Eastern time, USA and I noticed your post says 1:46PM today. Are you in Australia?

      Anyway, I just wanted to say you are an encouragement to me regarding the rubber stamps, etc. I, too, have gotten rid of a lot of stamps, but still have A LOT!!! I also went through my cubby box where I stored aspiration clutter for card recycling. Got rid of all that. But, I still have lots of paper, nothing special, and lots of color pens (although I tend to use the same few colors all the time), and embossing powders and glitters, etc. I want to reduce down to just a few stamps that I would decorate envelopes with, just have black ink, and a few basic color pens. It has just been hard for me to let it all go. I truly loved rubberstamping and making my own cards, but I now have issues with my hands hurting and it seems easier to just find cards at the thrift and decorate envelopes with stickers!! I still send a lot of cards but am reducing the number after I use the stock I already have for this year. I think I am trying to retire my lifelong hobby. Ha! Thanks for the encouragement. I believe it is time for me to move on……… have helped!

      • I live Oregon USA. My hands and shoulders hurt too and the reason I only want to add a stamp to envelopes. I loved it to, used to belong to several stamping groups, so attended a session every week. Sounds like we encourage each other….thanks to you I now keep a number of items I have uncluttered. This month will be extra high with all the card stock etc. Feel like I could open a store, with all the specialty papers, plain colors and accessories. Lol

        • Hello again, Calla! Although it is hard to part with your items, you will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing those high numbers on your decluttering list! I think it is so fun to list my accomplishments!

          Oregon is a state I have always wanted to visit. I am in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Ga where I grew up and am now getting old. Ha! I had never paid much attention to the posting times on the comments until yours. I now realize, the time is posted for Colleen’s time zone, and I think she is in Australia.

          I really hope this blog continues because I have enjoyed it so very much.

          By the way, I have always thought you have a lovely name!

          • Thank you so much Brenda.
            I have only been to Savannah in Georgia….enjoyed myself there.

            I am so excited, I got rid of 800 stamping items, albeit mostly card stock, but still!

  3. Idgy of the North

    We are decluttering some of our camping supplies. We have finally come to the realization that neither of us particularly enjoys sleeping in a tent especially as we age. While we love to be outside, we prefer to sleep in a bed. We have already removed 35 L bin worth of equipment.

    • Idgy, congrats on the removal of all that camping gear. I agree, a bed is much better than the ground!!!