Mini Mission – Mon08012018

Well a new year has begin and hopefully lots of people have made it their resolutions to begin living with less. That should be by not only letting go of excess stuff but also resolving to acquire less stuff from now on. Many folks bemoan the task of Declutter while continuing to acquire and wonder why the task seems to be endless. So let me tell you now, both resolutions go hand in had or else you will just be treading that hampster wheel of clutter indefinitely, simultaneously complaining about the state of your finances no doubt.

So let’s start of the new year by vowing to declutter one item from your homes each day while not acquiring any new stuff for at least what is left of January. That way you will be off to a flying start. Hopefully you will be so pleased with your efforts that you will continue on that way through February, March…

So here is a suggestion for something to get rid of today. Go to your closet and look in, at that quick glance identify and declutter at least one item of clothing that you never wear or wear so infrequently that it is just a waste of space.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. For me today it was the linen press – 3 old quilt cover sets, 2 old blankets and countless over used towels. Why do we insist on holding on to such stuff ? We bought or were gifted new ones so why don’t we just move the old one on right then and there !!! In addition to my decluttering in general this one little act is what I’m going to try and work on in 2018

  2. I did my decluttering two days ago an it felt so amazingly good! I only have one room for now (I live with my parents) so it wasn’t too hard but I expected it to be less than an hour and instead it became almost three hours of looking through my stuff! My goal for this year is to make my parents let me declutter other parts of our house and fingers crossed to keep on implementing the minimalist lifestyle into my own life. Lovely post, thank you!

    With kindness,

  3. Happy New Year!
    It took me years to figure this out…less coming means less to declutter! I remember when it finally clicked for me, I was looking at something in a store and thought this will end in a garage sale or donated to goodwill, why spend the money on it?

    After years of decluttering I finally see a big difference in my house. Friends said I needed to stop several years, but I continued on. I love all the open spaces and ease of cleaning.
    Over the holiday I had a game night, with 18 people, set up 4 long utility tables. With all the open space it took very little shifting things around to do this.

    A big thanks to Colleen and this community for helping me get to this point.

    • Calla, I think you and I were commenting at the same time. When I started to write my comment, there were none. After I posted it, yours was there. :). Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on on you have accomplished! I’m still just getting there but am pleased with steady progress. I love reading about what everyone is doing and hearing about their progress!

  4. Colleen and everyone, Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to another year of decluttering with you! I’m happy to report that I listed 1015 items that I removed in 2017, some large, some small, but every little bit helps. I have removed 10 things so far this month and since Colleen mentioned closets, I will donate 2 dresses that I have not worn in a long time.

    Since I am no longer collecting anything, I always feel confident that I am not backtracking by bringing in useless stuff I will have to take out later. Thanks for the continual encouragement!!
    However, there ARE still things to GO OUT!!!

    • Wow, great job!
      I wish i would have kept track of the number of items I let go over the years. I’m going to do it this year. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Calla, I had several humongous yard sales and donated MANY carloads before I got to the point I thought I could actually keep a record without slowing me down. I saw a neat idea recently where it was suggested you mark off a square on graph paper with every item gone. But, I’m a bit anal (OK……..a LOT anal. Ha!!) and enjoy looking at my list of actual items eliminated. Also, it has ccasionally helped me know if I had already donated something. It is very satisfying to see an actual number on paper and imagine how much space those things were occupying!

  5. Happy New Year everyone! New Year’s is my favorite holiday. It’s the anniversary of meeting hubby (blind date). I also love January and February…the woods are bare and dreary, and I love that. I sound like a grinch, don’t I?

    I’ve decluttered a camisole, a bottle of hemp oil and a hair dryer.

    • Deanna, I have commented too much today, but just have to agree with Loving the bare and dreary woods———- especially on a grey day with fog in the trees. It makes me feel so cozy and “snuggled in”.

      • Brenda, you should be here today…totally bare and dreary, occasional raindrops, fog in the trees…can barely distinguish the deer because they’re the same color as the woods…a perfect day!! Oh, and lots of windows to see it all.

    • Deanna – we are in mid Summer here and loving it! Blue skies and white sands!

  6. Happy New Year Everyone!! I am starting out the year with the flu. What fun. Not!! I went out and spent some money in the last few weeks. I finally had to admit that my clothes were too big and I looked sloppy. I have a bag of clothes ready to take to the thrift shop and a few new blouses and slacks in the closet. I have two outfits I am looking for a short sleeved white T-shirt type blouse to go with and that will add two new items to wear for nicer things. I’m excited because I really was looking rather messy.

  7. Boy did I need this inspiration! I fell off the wagon in December. Not only did I neglect the mini missions starting in early December, but I picked up several new items for myself while Christmas shopping. I’ve resolved to get back on track. So, I returned the impulse purchases I didn’t need and put a skirt I’ve had for years and never worn in the donate pile for today’s mission. I’m also going to tackle the rest of December’s mini missions and take Colleen’s suggestion to lay off purchases for the rest of January. Happy 2018 everyone!

  8. Well I have been inspired by this and by the ABC programme War on Waste. I try and do the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra but it is so easy to end up with “stuff”. I *try* and stick to one item in, one out but that doesn’t always happen 🙂

    I loved the idea of knowing just how much stuff I could get rid of, and have made up a spreadsheet to track what I get rid of. My elderly mother may be coming to live with us so I am trying to declutter my son’s stuff as well as my own! So far today – 11 items 🙂 Long way to go.

  9. Happy New Year declutter friends. “Let the Games Begin” declutter game ended in September after 2 years. THANKS for hosting!. I now have a strong declutter urge but still like to play games so counting items sounds fun. I will use a computer spreadsheet to count for me. Also listing items would help me remember so that I can join in daily comments. Out of sight out of mind.

    Right now it is a snowy day in Vermont USA on a ski trip with my family.
    Back home I have new items in the out pile: VCR player, DVD player for my parents, table fan, unwanted Christmas presents, ski helmet.

    • Pat, you are the bestest declutterer! Have fun on your ski trip! Be careful!

      • We are facing a frozen stream and woods. Glad the bears are hibernating now. After 3 ski days I am in one piece. Tomorrow is my rest day then we go home to search for more clutter. Not buying is hard for me. I grew up with hand me downs from my brothers. When new stuff comes in out goes the old. Enjoy the woods in winter!

  10. Hello Everyone! I said to my friends the other day that I need to do some decluttering and they asked what was there left to declutter – Ha! They’d be surprised!
    I am going to be helping a friend to declutter and organise her home office, so I’m looking forward to a new challenge.

  11. It’s easier not to bring something in than to get rid of something. Both mentally and logistically.

    This is why I no longer go to auctions, as much as I found them so much fun. When I stopped having time to sell on eBay the short term wasn’t worth the long term hassle. I originally thought I would start going when my house was decluttered.

    Well it isn’t, and I think even if I ever get to that point, I probably won’t start again anyway!

  12. I have a hoarder friend that wants me to help her but she never seems ready. I am very patient because to me it is fun and double fun when done with a friend. I have many shelves of photos that I plan to scan this winter. The fun never ends!

  13. Happy New Year everyone. I am hopping back onto the targeted missions wagon again this year. I did the 2017 things in 2017 challenge, and actually finished it a bit early – woo hoo.
    Quite a lot of that was paperwork, and stuff from my parents home which had ended up here. But, gone is gone, and 2017 less is a happy thing.
    The closet garment I chose for today has been in there a year or two, and still had its tags on.
    Gone! Hopefully someone will love finding that at the thrift shop.