Mini Mission Monday 14FEB2011

Here I am again sharing the decluttering love on Valentines Day. We all love a clean house, space and less housework right and the more you declutter the easier all these goals become. Cleaning your home is only a matter of dusting, wiping and mopping when you don’t have to dig out the floors, benches and shelves every time cleaning day comes around. That alone makes decluttering worth the effort because the less stuff you have the less mess you can make with it. So once again I have set out a list of tasks for the week that will bring you closer to a decluttered home and easy maintenance. Who wouldn’t love that!

  • Monday – If you decorate for valentines day now is the time to weed out any items among your decorations that have seen better days. Remember less is more so give some thought to a more minimalist look for next year. If you don’t decorate then take today off and spend more time with your loved ones. After all they are what is most important in your life.
  • Tuesday – Did you get flowers on Valentines day? How often does this happen and how many vases does one household need? Weed out the ones you know you never use and donate them to charity.
  • Wednesday Have you written any love letters lately or even just an actual letter on paper. I know I haven’t written a real letter in years so I probably don’t need those three pads of writing paper in the stationary drawer. Do you have notepaper you never use? Older folks still use snail maid maybe someone you know would find it more useful so pass it on.
  • Thursday Making things for others is a nice way to show your affection but do you have a collection on unfinished projects floating around your home. We have talked about the burden of aspiration clutter before and now is a good time to remove one of those items. Finish it and pass it on or wipe your hands of it either way you will feel better for it.
  • Friday Did your loved one take you out to dine on Valentines day? If so did you wear something sexy or are your sexy items stashed in the back of a draw somewhere never seen but not forgotten. Use it or loose it I say or better still just love me the way I am. If you have items like this that you know are never going to be used do yourself a favour and remove them. They are the worst type of aspiration clutter. I wouldn’t normally say this but if you do feel the need for an item of this kind in the future just buy yourself something new that suits the current you.
  • Saturday Closets are the go to hiding place for clutter. Pick one closet in your home and assess what is on the floor of it. I imagine there is at least one thing there that can be decluttered.
  • Sunday There is usually one room in our homes that are more cluttered than others. Go to your clutter room and contemplate where the problem lies. Why is this room a collection point for clutter? Pick an small area of this room and declutter it now. While you are doing this have a note book and pen handy and jot down ideas on what else you can do to unclutter this area.

Good luck and happy decluttering

Today’s Declutter Item

Just another storage item that now has nothing to store in it. Another donation to the thrift store.

Hanging File Box 14FEB2011

I am grateful from anything that brings me joy. Below are five things that gave me joy since my last post.

  • All the lovely birthday wishes I received from friends and family. That includes my wonderful friends here at 365lessthings. Thank you all!
  • The funny banter my husband and I enter into at times. Most people don’t realise he can be a funny guy.
  • The birthday gift my son gave me. – It was amusing because he knew it was something I wanted but I was too cheap to by it myself. So he went back to the store where we had seen it and bought it for me. It was an odd gift but much appreciated.
  • How much thought went into the creation of the dishes that I enjoyed at my birthday dinner. – Some chefs just go that extra mile.
  • How close my children are – They don’t always see eye to eye but their bond is special and plain to see.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. loving the theme and looking forward to getting stuck in! Have a wonderful week yourself and thanks again for the continual inspiration…

  2. WOW! All of these hit home DIRECTLY! So I look forward to (well, I guess, ahummmm…) a strong week of decluttering on a daily basis!

    Thanks for the ideas and the CONSISTENT INSPIRATION!!!!!!!! Happy V-DAY!

  3. Thursday: Knitters are notorious for having UFOs stuffed in bags and drawers. I have a couple. It’s time to face them and figure out what to do , how to fix them so I can finish them. 🙁 Sad face because I don’t want to think about the hours and hours of knitting time already invested.

    • Hi Willow,
      that is the problem – thinking about the hours and hours of knitting time already invested. I guarantee you won’t think of those hours again once you have eliminated the evidence. It is a much faster cure than the trying to ignore it hope it goes away, because it doesn’t.

    • It occurred to me Willow, that this is similar to the regret we feel when we make a bad purchase. Instead of regretting time that’s gone into something, we regret money which was mis-spent. Money that someone spent their time earning, of course. It can be really hard to let somethings go, can’t it?

  4. Handy! My closet is full of clutter which I think I don’t use it anymore. I think I make it a project for a lazy sunday/wednesday or so (this week).

    • Good for you Nurchamiel. Make sure to donate any useful items you no longer want to a charity or give them to friends. It is sometimes a lot quicker to just throw them away but that would be a waste. Take some before and after photos and send them to me I will feature your efforts on one of my Simple Saturday posts.

  5. Another great list. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but I’ve made my list to reflect necessary decluttering anyway. thanks

    • hi Marilyn in NM,
      we don’t celebrate valentines day either, it just seemed like a fun theme for the week. Have a great week and happy decluttering.

  6. Love the V-Day theme to the list. Very clever.

    My husband is funny, too, and a lot of people don’t realize it because he is also very, very earnest.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I did have a little fun trying to weave that theme in. I think my husband and I have just the right balance of opposite and similar to make marriage work.

  7. i can’t remember whose it was, but i read a post from someone saying how their organisation always started with buying new storage, where getting rid is really a more logical storage point. i look forward to being able to get rid of some of my storage!

    • Hi slow simple conscious,
      welcome to 365lessthings and thank you for adding your voice to our community. I took a quick look at your blog and left the tab up there to go back for a better read late. I love the layout and the name of your blog.
      This is an issue I noticed early on in my decluttering and blogging journey and made a deliberate decision not to write about organising clutter. I didn’t want to encourage people to keep their clutter by helping them find ways to store it out of sight out of mind. Lately I have noticed that not everyone has hidden clutter like me but that disorganisation on top of clutter is the cause of their grief and I need to address that more. It becomes a vicious cycle because disorganisation can cause more clutter.