Mini Mission Monday ~ 21MAR2011

This week I thought I would like to highlight different kinds of clutter for our mini mission challenge. Each day this week we will be decluttering a piece of clutter from one of Seven categories. I am not even going to elaborate on these categories because I think they speak for themselves. Have fun with this and I am eager to hear what sort of things you all came up with. So please send me some comments with your lists of decluttered items.

Monday - Outgrown
Tuesday – Guilt
Wednesday – Sentimental
Thursday – Unwanted Gift
Friday – Purchase regret
Saturday – Lifestyle change
Sunday – Obligation

Good luck and happy decluttering

Today’s Declutter Item

I bought this roll of tulle ribbon back in about 2004 for a scrapbook project I did for a friend. I have never used it since. It will go to the thrift store in the next load.

Things that made me happy, made me laugh, made me feel grateful, fascinated me or I thought were just plain awesome.

  • Sleeping in.
  • A visit to the art museum – Every year they have an exhibition of high school students work and it is very good. There are some talented young people out there.
  • Sunday was a nice sunny day for drying sheets on the line.
  • Finding the time to clean out my car ~ It is so nice to get into a clean car. Quick tip never buy a car with a black or very dark grey interior.
  • Today is Steve’s and my 24th wedding anniversary and we are going out to dinner.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    • Thanks Willow, Jo, Bobbi and Annabelle, I just got up and he left for work and we both forgot. 😆 I’ll phone him when I think he has had time to get to work.

  2. Best wishes to “Mr & Mrs”!

  3. 24 years!! Felicitations and tell us the secret…


  4. Happy happy anniversary!!!

  5. Two weeks ago we decluttered an “obligation” item. Our 32 inch flat screen tv. Hubby was keeping it because he felt we should have a tv, even though we struggled to find things we wanted to watch on it. None of our 3 adult children that still live with us watched that tv. I had wanted to get rid of it for months, then hubby came to the same way of thinking but couldn’t let go. Apparently he thought we had to have a tv because everyone else has one. Since letting it go we have discovered several of our friends don’t have a tv either, so his assumption was false. Oh, and we got rid of the cable package as well so we save £30 per month on that.

    • Hi Andrea,
      congratulation, I don’t think I would really miss out TV either but my hubby would never part with it but that is OK. Saving $30 a month makes the move even better. We don’t have pay TV at all so no wasted money there.
      Thank you for leaving a comment, we always appreciate our readers taking the time to join the conversation. Your voice adds another dimension to our collective wisdom so welcome to 365lessthings and we hope to here more from you in the future.

  6. Happy anniversary! We (My parents + my sis + me) threw a big party when my parents had their 25th anniversary.

    Can’t wait to declutter this week, I’m going to see where I’m coming up. Although, most of it is gone already, I think I need to sort through a HUGE pile of paper.

    • Hi Nurchamiel,
      we are hoping to take a trip the the USA for our 25th Anniversary but my husband’s job is about to take a new turn so who know what will be happening then. He could be living in a different city to me at that time. It keep life interesting.
      Good luck with your decluttering this week. I you have run out of other things to declutter that HUGR pile of paper sounds like it would be a great thing to focus on for now. Recycle, recycle recycle.

  7. Congratulations on 24 years! – that is a really wonderful thing to appreciate and celebrate.

    Well, I have decluttered something I have outgrown today: I got rid of a whole A4 file of paperwork/notes from a creative writing course I did 7 years ago. I probably haven’t looked at the notes since 😆 . But the friends I met on that course and I still meet regulalrly to write.

    I have also shredded 4 large bin bags worth of financial paperwork from the last 10 years – I was keeping far too much, in the mistaken belief that we had to keep everything for 7 yrs in this country. I only need to keep half of the records I thought, and for only 3 yrs. That has freed up a large plastic crate in the attic 🙂

    • Hi Katharine,
      it sounds like you and Nurchamiel are busy working on paper clutter this week. That is one of those tasks we often spend more time procrastinating about that actually working on. Good for you and thank goodness you realised you didn’t need to keep most of it after all.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great dinner!

  9. Happy anniversary. Fogetting is something my DH and I do too. lol

  10. Happy anniversary! Hope you enjoy the day!

  11. Happy anniversary Colleen. Gosh, you were such a young bride!

    Happy to report that my husband FINALLY got rid of all his sporting trophies (most 20-30 years old). I’ve been nagging (I mean, gently suggesting) he do it for weeks. I did feel a bit mean when I saw him throwing them in the bin, but I’m sure I’ll get over it 😉

    • Hi Loretta,
      thank you for the good wishes. I was 22 not so young those days my sister was only 19 when she was married.
      I know I keep saying that I am getting rid of my trophies too but they are still here. The thing holding me up on this is not getting around to documenting them. I want to take photos and possibly scrapbook the results with the plaques that I will remove from them. Then I can donate what is left to the nearby trophy shop who can use the parts to make trophies that they donate. Another win win situation. All I have to do is get my act together. OK that’s it, I Colleen Madsen pledge to you all this moment to follow through with this trophy decluttering before the last day of April has arrived. Now someone needs to hold me to this pledge. Perhaps you could remind me once a week until the task is done. Thanks

      • OK, you’re on!

        I did gently suggest that he could give the trophies to me and I would try and recycle them somehow, but it was his choice to bin them. Oh well. He didn’t want to keep the plaques either.

        • Hi Loretta,
          oh well at least they are out of there. I am going to get hubby to take a photo of me with my group and then it is off to the trophy shop with them. he has already taken photos of them separately.

  12. Happy Anniversary

    • Hi Helen and thank you. I probably should have spent the day doing something more enjoyable than housework but it needed doing and it feels nice to sit back now at 5pm and know the house is lovely and clean around me. I can always have an easy day tomorrow.

  13. Happy anniversary Colleen!

    • Thanks Cindy,
      we just came home from dinner and a drenching. I vigorous storm hit while we were at dinner and we had to run the gauntlet to get to the car. Dinner was lovely though and now we are refreshed as well.

      • I wish you could send some of that drenching here. It’s much too dry for spring.

        • Hi Cindy,
          It has been nice to see rain around here to but typical of Australia this year it is now flooding further down on the South Coast of NSW. Whether people believe in global warming or not it seems Mother Nature is fighting back this year.

  14. I love this idea for a motivator to declutter each day! I’m totally pumped to make a blog post with my results at the end of the week =)