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Mini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and “fun” for you to achieve some quick decluttering.

This week we are going to declutter things we thought we loved. Well let’s face it all clutter could fall into that category. In this case though I am talking about things we acquired because we thought they were great or kept for sentimental reasons but have since become emotionally detached from.

Monday – There is usually at least one make-up item among the others that we once thought suited our pearticular kind of beauty but now wonder where we got that idea. If you have such an item but haven’t had the sense to throw it away yet, today is the day.

Tuesday – How many handbags do you have and how many of them do you actually use. Declutter one that that you haven’t used in a long time because you don’t love it like you once did.

Wednesday – Declutter one of those once favourite outfits that you never wear any more. Chances are it is now way out of fashion.

Thursday – Check your keepsake box for something you kept but now wonder why. Declutter anything that you feel this way about.

Friday - What is on your walls? Is there something hanging there simply out of habit that you don’t really want or even particularly like? Now is the time to declutter it.

Saturday - Have a look in your display cabinet there is bound to be something lingering in there that you long ago lost interest in. Time to send it to the thrift shop.

Sunday- Look in your jewellery box – Are you really going to wear all of those earrings again or that ring your old boyfriend gave you? Time to cull a few things in there don’t you think?style=”text-align: center;”>Good luck and happy decluttering

Today’s Declutter Item

When I decluttered all my other sports trophies I kept these two glasses. Since then I have decided I don’t love them enough to keep them so they are heading off to the thrift store.

Old Softball Trophies

Eco Tip For The Day

The only thing you need to clean your car is a bucket of water a hose and a selection of microfibre clothes. One outdoor mitt for cleaning the car, one glass cloth for the windows and a multi purpose cloth for drying the rest of the car if desired. Here is a wikiHow article on the subject.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. A little off the subject, but I had a discussion with a saint at church today about our clothing styles. She named my style for me (classic), named her own (romantic), and named another person who is yet another (casual). The light bulb went off for me, and I am able to look at my closet in a different light: that’s why I don’t ever wear that frilly shirt, it’s too romantic. I can without guilt purge things that I used to like but don’t fit the classic dresser I am now. I also chopped off 6+ inches of hair this week, so my bathroom purge for the week is hair ties instead of make-up!

    • Hi Lynn, that sounded like an interesting discussion. I think I would come off as the classic/casual or perhaps smart casual. I prefer things to be reasonably fitted yet comfortable but definitely not sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers. Also definitely no animal prints or fluff and nonsense. My wardrobe does reflect my style and after packing yesterday to go on a trip there isn’t much in there that isn’t coming with me and that isn’t a lot. So I feel comfortable in thinking I need not declutter my closet any further.

      Sometimes I think it would be nice to cut my golden locks off too but I long ago discovered that I really don’t like short hair on me. I wish I did but I don’t yet I love it on other people and that almost makes me take the plunge. Short hair would be a lot less bother I feel but then that isn’t always the case so I will keep my wild and untamed tresses and be happy with it.

      • Hi Colleen – take it from someone who went short once upon a time, long, windswept and interesting wins hands downs. It was too much of a radical change and it took too long to grow out when I realised I didn’t like it (which was the first hair wash post-cut)

        • Hey Moni,

          It’s a shame when you take the plunge only to dislike it. I grow mine then chop it all off, then get busy and it grows again!!! By the time I get back to the hairdressers I look like Cousin It!!! One thing that always gets me is the first post cut shampoo, I tend to forget that I haven’t got the locks anymore and slap shampoo on what feels like a bald head hahaha !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • I used to do cousin It impersonations for my nieces and nephews when they were little ~ hair over the front and sunglasses on.

          • cousin it!!! LOL!!! My sister used to do those impersonations too.

            Well, I’m a short short short hair person. I love it! It works for me; but all that matters is that we find what truly works for each individual! I barely use any shampoo/conditioner; I don’t own a hair dryer, and for the most part I can get up and go and not even think about what might be happening on my head (sometimes, however, I do have a clump sticking straight up that is trying to contact Mars!!!!).

  2. Yay, we meet tomorrow (alas if only today, as today has not started well!) Lynn, that sounds really interesting, and another perspective on your ‘stuff’ (ie clothes and accessories) And Colleen, your hubby will leave you with short hair, didn’t you once say?

  3. Lynn, what a great conversation. Isn’t it nice when someone says something that clicks and gives you a whole new perspective?

    Colleen, only two of the areas you mentioned are in need of purging–handbags and jewelry. Unfortunately, it’s not mine but Mom’s. Hum! I wonder how I can work on that??

  4. Dear Colleen and fellow 365’ers,
    Hope you all have a fabulous, morning tea/coffee, lunch and/or dinner.
    Take care and have fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Dear The Other Lynn,

    Now I’m totally confused, my wardrobe has outfits for casual, classic and a little romantic mixed with hoodies and trackies. Oh my ‘Casclarom’ with a smattering of ‘Street’!!! ‘What The’!!!!!

    Come to think of it can’t remember the last time I wore the ‘Romantic bits’ (not overly frilly but just nice) guess what will head out the door!

    Ok so now I’m ‘Casclastre’ hahaha!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey Dizzy, perhaps you just have multiple personality disorder. 😆

      • Hi Colleen,
        Possibly multiple personalities but I don’t consider that a disorder Yet!!! I do however think that maybe I have too many clothes – STILL!!!! WHAT THE!!!

        I’m a gonna rock with the ‘Casclastre’ wonder if Alex Perry needs a few style pointers to get the next set of threads on the runway hahahaha!!! God I love my life at the mo!! Keep Smiling everyone – it makes people wonder what you’ve been up too!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oh, Dizzy, I laughed so hard.

  6. Thanks for the great PRACTICAL tips on how to declutter. We all have way too much stuff…even those many of us are working toward a minimalist lifestyle…still wondering if you are a minimalist. I just wrote a blog post with a few questions to help a person find out…here it is if anyone is interested…

  7. The Other Lynn, I remember doing somewhat the same thing you did–realizing that the reason I never wore ‘that dress’ was because I’m mostly a sporty style with a little no fuss classic thrown in. I wore workout capris and a nice t-shirt to church this morning and when I happily looked in the mirror, I knew I felt really good in that outfit. No heels, no frilly blouse for me! Isn’t it great to know your style and free up your closet by removing what isn’t ‘you’?

  8. Hi all,
    Totally off subject for the mo but just confessing to ‘EPIC FAIL’ on the ‘SCRAPROOM OF DOOM’ not because I couldn’t be bothered or sat and ate chocolate or that I had a better offer for a night out!! No No and No I simply didn’t get chance to start on Sunday coz the house was overflowing with people and we had “OFFERS’ !!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah. So if I take the best one We’ll be out of here come the 24th September 2012. Holy Cheese & Crackers. After the excitement I just couldn’t see straight so said room is on a slow burn until I plan accordingly, but don’t worry I know it has to be done and it will but not whilst I can’t think or see straight. I have vowed to take nothing with us that I will not use straight away. I is gonna be a busy little chicky!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey Dizzy, I hope you one busy little chicky because that means you are getting out of there and moving on. Nothing like a move to get you to tossing things out/thrifting/selling.

  9. My best laid plans of cleaning out my closet got waylaid this weekend, too. My son’s friend’s wife had a baby last weekend and I promised I would make ziti for them so it would be one night she didn’t have to cook. It has been so hot here, I have been putting it off but yesterday was the perfect day to do that. So, I shopped on Saturday at the Farmers’ Market and the grocery, watched some Olympics and cleaned out a drawer in the dining room (threw away some old pens and paint brushes) and cleaned off the kitchen counters, instead. Sunday – yesterday – was only about 70 degrees so it felt cool enough to make the ziti. Also, cooked some zucchini for me and made a nice dinner and watched – yep, more Olympics. So, while I didn’t get the closet cleaned out like I wanted – other things went into the trash or give-away box. This might seem silly but I put all the spaghetti sauce jars in the recycling. Because they are glass, I usually keep them for storage but decided that they were 3 more things I would have to declutter another day. So, out they went and I felt good that I didn’t have to find a place to keep them. I am happy for the little things I accomplish, too.

    • Maggie, It’s doing all the little things that add up to the big things getting done. I think you did a great job!

    • Good job Maggie,
      I did manage to attack a few little things but my Scraproom is slated for pull it all out honestly wait till you see whats in there. If I did something little it would still be a big job!!! I have stuff everywhere throughout the cupboard. Uuuggghhhh.

      How nice another baby in the world, I hope all went well and that they love your offer to make dinner. No clutter there eh just eat it up and clean a pan. Perfect!!!

      Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Handbags; well I only own one. A nice leather piece, classic, that I purchased at a thrift store (a Coach bag, retails for over $250 USD; I purchased at a thrift for $39.99 USD). It’s one of their older styles, but it is still in gorgeous condition and for me the price was right! It doesn’t matter to me the brand of something, but the nicer pieces tend to hold their ‘look’ better, because initially they were so well made. So if you can find something of good quality (thrift) it will (usually) survive fairly well for your needs!

    However, I did just pay $2.21 USD for a very small wallet. This will serve as a place to stick keys, drivers license, some cash (and a small zipper pocket for a few pieces of change) and a debit card when I don’t need to carry my (one) purse. This ‘wallet’ fits into a pocket, and it is by Ann Taylor (nice black leather piece); and has a special chain for keys, too.

    Other than that, I either sold or gave away all my other handbags over the past four months.

  11. Dizzy, Our weather should be getting cooler soon and I will need to do a “pull everything out of the craft closet” myself. Let’s stay in touch and see what goodies we find that we can jettison. I’m pretty sure I have a huge container of scrap fabric that will go. A neighbor shopped in NY for slipcovers for her sofa and brought me an entire fabric book of samples because she knew I quilted and thought I could use them. Some were lovely and I thought I would start a crazy quilt using damask and brocade and satin fabrics. Well, that did not happen but did I give away the samples? NO, they stayed in the closet. So, I will look for them tonight and put them in the donation box that is being picked up tomorrow. The rest of the closet – well, must finish the baby’s quilt first and then – to the closet. One thing at a time.

  12. For Monday’s, I’m done….prior to this.
    Sometime back, when I was still in the archives, you mentioned something about make-up. I rarely wear any…can’t be bothered when it’s cool and right now it’s so humid it would all run off. When I read the post, I thought back to when I had to have purchased the last bit….more than a year ago. Soooooo it ALL got tossed. I figured that if I ever wanted to wear any, I can go buy some that won’t have expired…and maybe more natural. 🙂