Mini Mission Monday ~ What is clutter made of?…

Mini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and “fun” for you to achieve some quick decluttering.

…Well that is an easy question ~ everything imaginable that is what clutter is made of. So this week I had a little fun putting together seven mini missions based on the substance of what clutter is composed. Have fun with them. I am looking forward to hearing about what you come up with.

Monday – Declutter something made from plastic.

Tuesday - Declutter something made from wood.

Wednesday - Declutter something made from paper.

Thursday - Declutter something made from fibre.

Friday - Declutter something made from glass

Saturday - Declutter something made from metal.

Sunday - Declutter something made from leather.

Good luck and happy decluttering

Today’s Declutter Item

Here are another couple of items from the garage that weren’t being used. I attempted to sell them on eBay without success so they are off to the thrift shop this week.


Eco Tip for the Day

Don’t throw away that old electric kettle or use harsh cleaners on it because it is all stained inside. Fill it with cold water, add a lemon wedge and bring to the boil, that stain will miraculously disappear.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi Colleen, I don’t really know tools. Are your declutter items really called cramps? Because, they surely look like they could give someone cramps! Just saying!

  2. I don’t think I will have any problem meeting this week’s mini-missions as Dayna (daughter aged 15) has gone into overdrive – she has no ballet classes this week and as she needs to raise money for her camera for photography next year at school, I said that whatever she sells on trademe she can have the money. So everything from the red tape challenge has been dragged out plus extra stuff. I have created a monster!

    Anyway, for today I have two set of plastic drinking cups that no one seems to use, I’ll keep the smaller bright coloured set for when my nieces and nephews visit and freecycle the larger set.

    • Perhaps a monster, or a willing assistant – saves you doing it either way!

    • Go Dayna, I hope you raise the funds quickly. Or maybe I don’t because right now you are eager to help your mum declutter. 😉 My son has also been decluttering. He has been ousting old art supplies that he doesn’t use anymore in his uni course. His other artist friends who paint were very glad of the donation. The items won’t appear on the blog because they were acquired during my challenge and only pre challenge items appear here.

      • Hi Colleen – don’t worry, she’s also had the go ahead to do the same thing at my husband’s work, we have a storage room upstairs (at work) that became a bit of a dumping zone. I made a start on it earlier in the year but it peetered out as it cold here and I wanted to focus on our house.

        She assures me that even if she gets enough for the camera, there is always a flash unit, extra lenses……..does this sound familiar Colleen?

  3. ohhh- guys I am so super happy. this is a good start for a week: I just created a chain…
    I finally got around to drill holes into my wall, so I can hang up the magnet for my knives. That magnet has been waiting for his moment almost for a year… So now I have knives on the wall, the hanging box I used to keep them in can be used now for the other cooking utensils, meaning I can now get the beautiful rose-pitcher that stored those before – off the counter. And the pitcher will be used for watering plants. That means that I can FINALLY get rid of this horrible yellow tupperware-pitcher that I somehow ended up using a lot for plants, although I never really liked it. yay.

    So in the end I only decluttered one item. thats perfectly okay, because I will appreciate the space on my kitchen counter now every day… wooohoooo, that boosted my mood so much that I ended up cleaning the rest of my flat as well. my home is a good place today.

    • Hi Lena, love love love your comment. It fits better with the post I just finished for tomorrow. I love a good declutter buzz especially when it sets off a chain reaction. Well done you.

      I was doing this today, while I was trying to get my housework done. I opened the pantry to mop the floor in there and something caught my eye which inspired me to do one thing which triggered another and another . Needless to say I was a long time getting my housework done but there were a lot of little other tasked that I really got a buzz from accomplished along the way.

      • Funny but the same happened to me too today Colleen. Started cleaning the house & ended up decluttering about 10 things.

        • This happens to me often. Very easily sidetracked I am . I went to make a cup of tea last night at about 9pm and ended up cleaning the grout of the kitchen floor. I was actually experimenting with natural cleaning combinations to see if one was better than the other. Needless to say some grout is cleaner the others and some haven’t been cleaned at all. I will get around to doing the whole floor soon enough. 😉

    • Good for you Lena. I love the stair steps you went through. Isn’t it great to have that all happen?

  4. Hi Colleen, I thought you’d want to know about a good post that you could recommend on Friday. It’s at Miss Minimalist today, Monday, about a person who has boycotted plastic. Lots of good eco tips as well.

  5. Okay Ladies!!!! Wish me luck. This week on Wednesday and Friday I am going to my friend, we’ll call her S, to help her clean out and organize her “Craft” room. Two days may not be enough but we are going to try and I am taking another friend along to help. I’m proud of S. Her Mom was here visiting and S got her to help launder and bundle up over 100 pieces of clothing to take to Goodwill. This is only her clothes not her husband’s. She’s really starting to see the light and I’m so excited about it all.

  6. Plastic for Monday. My goal is to find suitable glass “cups” and to Thrift Shop or sell our current hard plastic ones. Since that may be a while, I will de-clutter a soup “To Go” container. I had hoped I would use it for next month’s Bonfire our church hosts, but I tend to drink a Coke regardless of the chill in the air. Sooo….bye little Campbell’s container.

  7. Usually, I’m not really much into the Monday Missions, I just declutter what comes along, however, this week’s mission got me somehow, I find myself hunting for things all the time (maybe, because it’s so easy to remember even when the computer is turned off?)

    • Hi Sanna, perhaps I should make them simpler every week. You really only have to remember one word this week.

    • When I started decluttering I never took those mini missions. but since I have to SEARCH for items to get rid of (and a lot of progress happened lately), those come in quite handy.

      I managed this week with the following:
      – plastic: the hated yellow tupperpitcher
      – wood: trivets
      – paper: went through my card collection again, trashed some and will send some out and use for birthdays
      – fibre: old knitted napkins from my grandmother that I never use
      – glass: switch this to plastic/wood – the napkin rings to it
      – metal: this weird green deco sixpack my mum brought me as a gift
      – leather: this one led me to focus on a pair of winterboots that might not survive this season. I will for sure keep them under closer surveillance the next months… but I do not own anything else made of leather.

      • Lena – I’m with you, its like I’ve recently re-discovered mini-missions. I think because I had so much stuff leaving the house in quantities, especially when I sold off all the snowboarding gear and other seasonal stuff during the winter ie lots of small singular items, that that was all I could squash into my spare time. Now that a number of rooms in the house are looking pretty streamlined and until I recommence work in the ceiling storage, its been quite delightful to flit around the house looking for my next victim. Its sort of been like a treasure hunt for something to catapult out.

        Thank you for your fibre item – you’ve reminded me about a table runner I noticed in the drawer the other day plus daughter found some leggings that she doesn’t fit.
        I’m scratching my head a little about metal but I’m sure I’ll stumble onto something.


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