Mini Mission – Thursday 26Oct2107

Declutter some sort of ingredient or medium for making stuff with. This might be a chance to make that recipe you’ve been meaning to try with that obscure but unused item in your pantry. Or it might be the inspiration for a craft project. I know which one I am going to choose. Craft of course!

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  1. Mine is craft supplies too. I plan to make some cards and get some paper and embellishments used up.

  2. I have 2 new ingredients that after looking at recipe decided it was too complicated. Going to see if daughter wants them.

    For thanksgiving next month I’m putting together a “sale”…all items are free for the taking. No pressure to take anything. Will put items in a separate room and will have bags to place items in. So far 25 items, clothes, table cloths, decorations, samples etc

  3. Hi Calla,

    I love your “sale” idea for Thanksgiving! So nice that you will have a little shop in your home, with bags included 🙂