Mini Mission – Tuesday 30Jan2018

Declutter something made from paper.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I seem to always be decluttering things made of paper. I remember when we got computers in the business where I worked years ago. We were told that setting up a computer system would help us go paperless. HA!! I think we are worse not better. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we get a pack of ads in our mailboxes. We can’t opt out of them. So most of us just walk them up to the recycle bin on our floor and dump them in. I have asked to go paperless on most things that give that option and still I get paper. I went to the doctor today and came away with 10 pieces of paper. Now why couldn’t they have put it on my account on the internet on their website? They do but they also hand me one as I leave. Instead of sending orders for x-rays, labs, etc. they give us a paper one. I think I am going to start a campaign of finding ways to opt out of all this stuff.

  2. I decluttered a chore I was dreading – paying off our credit card… I asked at our bank (which is the same bank as credit card) if there was a way to pay it without writing a check… There was! They wrote out a slip with the details and I signed it and voila! It is done! 🙂

  3. Since the first of the year I have sorted through my files and pulled out the stack to be destroyed. I also pulled out a stack of files to be archived. I’m ready for this year’s info.