Mini Mission – Wednesday 12July2017

Declutter something that you, or another person in your household, has grown out of, physically, developmentally, and or emotionally.

There isn’t much that doesn’t  fall into this category. It could be clothing, kids toys, items you have lost interest in or affection for, such as hobby items, décor, art works, sentimental items, books, educational texts or papers, the list goes on.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I have more clothes that are too big so off they go.

  2. Loaded up up two twin electric blankets from guest room. They have never been used, time to let someone who would actually use them do so. Also 12 magazines, a valance & two matching curtain panels and an 8×10 picture frame. Will drop off tomorrow.

  3. I need so much help. I need to declutter and don’t know where to start.,

    • Start with the stuff easiest to part with suck as…
      1. Clothes you no longer like or wear.
      2. Broken or shabby items.
      3. Larger items that free up a lot of space at once making it feel like you are making big strides.
      4. Things that you know that you no longer want.
      5. Items that you are happy to donate that will be taken and easily delivered to a thrift shop or charity of your choice.

      That should get you started and it is on and upwards from there.

    • Colleen’s Mini Missions helped me get started. Just get an empty box, and each day place your find for the mini mission in the box. When the box is full, drop it off for donation. The mini missions make decluttering fun, like a scavenger hunt. You will find other items you are ready to part with as you search.

      I followed the mini missions for 2.5 years; made a big difference in our home. I’m just getting started again. I quit for a year because of family illness. Also, my mom’s house flooded, so she has been living with us. Nothing will make you realize how much unneeded stuff we own more than cleaning up a flooded home. Now we have her things in our home and she moved here quickly, so we are very disorganized. Starting the mini missions again is giving me a sense of control. Thanks Colleen!

      • Colleen Madsen

        Hi June, I am glad you found the missions so helpful. And I wish you luck with feeling in control by continuing them again. That will inspire me to try not to miss so many days.

  4. This is a good supportive community Esmeralda. Best of luck. I would go through the archives as a first step to get motivated. Colleen et al are very creative and supportive.

  5. My culls for the week: Bluetooth Earpiece for cell phone, Bluetooth selfie stick, 2 sets of clip on lens for a cell phone camera, a Swiffer dusting tool and dusters, a pillow form, a swim noodle, hat, blouse, ice pack holder, drawer dividers, Japanese coat, and a small tower fan. All of them were either given to me and I never used them or were things I used but didn’t like. Some of them have already gone out the door. The rest go tomorrow when our campus Thrift Shop is open. Most were also things I have received since I moved here.

  6. I seem to be on a big cull campaign – I am on the tail end of having the flu and a bit grumpy (poor sleep etc) and so I’m cutting a fast and hard swath through whatever cupboard or drawer I am searching. I’m just not in the mood for ‘just in case’ and ‘maybes’ at the moment.

    While my daughter was home from uni, we had a clear out of her room but there is some residual stuff lying around her bedroom floor that I will need to follow up with her, not sure if it is stuff that simply didn’t fit in her suitcase or if it is stuff she wants to declutter. Always pays to check.

  7. It’s great how much organization in your home can positively impact your day to day! Hope you don’t mind the plug, but it’s so relevant to this movement… As you decide to let go of some of your higher-end clothes, shoes, bags, and such, did you know you can donate them to support your favorite cause? Send them to us at Mighty Good Things (for free), and they’ll be sold on marketplaces like eBay. 100% of the net proceeds go to the nonprofit of your choice! It’s decluttering for GOOD 😉