Mini Mission – Wednesday 14Feb2018

Declutter something silver in colour.

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  1. I don’t have anything for today but this made me think of the sterling silver sugar cube tongs my grandmother had. They were lost in her last move. Now that is something I would keep even though I wouldn’t use them. Such great memories.

  2. Found a key & keychain, both silver, from 18 years ago. Tried the key, didn’t fit anything so tossed it. The keychain I love and am using for my car keys.

  3. Idgy of the North

    Donating a silver plated tea set. It is not an heirloom nor has it been out the box since we were gifted it.

  4. Got a new shredder a few months back to replace the broken shredder, but the broken one was still hanging about. Now it is gone! Also, this week, I put several new, but never used items in the donate pile – a sewing machine belt (black), a promotional t-shirt (white), and a pair of footies (green).