Mini Mission – Wednesday 19July2017

Declutter a few books you don’t think you are likely to want to read again.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. We just moved (unfortunately, not with enough warning or time to purge before or during. We have quarantined a lot of boxes in a downstairs room for careful consideration as we unpack.).

    I’ve been unpacking books. While many full bookshelves make me happy and relaxed…I have enough books I don’t need multiple copies of the same book to fill my shelves. I’ve sent several duplicates off to the used book store!

    (I am going to read Women Who Run With the Wolves soon. I don’t remember what it’s about, but I’ve found 3 copies of it so far. Clearly I have picked it up at rummage sales and decided–repeatedly–that it’s interesting looking. I think I better read it before I forget I have it –again–and bring another one home. Also because I have the thick hardback printing so it takes up lots of shelf space.)

  2. I deleted 20 e-books. I try and keep up with my e-book library every few months, but was past due. A good reminder to get back on track.

  3. Ah books…the one indulgence that never seems wasteful! For years I had multiple shelving units lined with all my friends. Most were books I’d read and loved, quite a few had been read multiple times and there were a handful of “I’m going to get to you soon” also. As I started to seriously reduce and declutter I realized a couple of things. One – I hate dusting but hate dusty shelves more. And because I am just a little OCD that meant taking every book off the shelves and dusting them with a large soft paintbrush, then dusting the shelves and then putting the books back. Two – realistically I had probably reread everything I was going to and wasn’t going to get to the “sometime soon” books any time soon! I gave away/donated two tall book shelves full and honestly haven’t missed them. The extra room/breathing space I have gained has more than compensated! But yes, I have still kept several dozen of the best of the best! I delete from my e-reader when I am through with a book so no worries there!

  4. I probably have too many books on my tablet. I need to go through them again. I have given away most of my “real” books. I have 22 by my favorite author. I have a few by a couple of other special authors. When I church gets moved into our new building I plan to give them all to the church library for others can read them too.