Mini Mission – Wednesday 7Feb2018

Declutter a shelt in your pantry. Hopefully some space is starting to open up now for some reshuffling. While you are doing this week’s missions I hope you are keeping the bench top clutter in mind and are choosing areas to declutter that will aid best in the reshuffling process.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I don’t have a pantry. I just have a 4 shelves. It works. Most of what I need is fresh and in the fridge. I rearranged those shelves last week.

  2. I’m going to work on the baking supplies shelf in the pantry. I haven’t been baking much, and probably have a few specialty ingredients that are out of date. I hate to waste food, so now I stick to more basic supplies that I know we’ll use.

    I’m behind a bit on the missions. I’m finding it harder to fit them in now that we are caregivers for my Mom. You are all inspiring me to keep at it, though! So I was happy today to add the gift mission from last week to the donate pile – a small hand painted ceramic tray. It’s pretty, but was stuck in a cabinet. I’m hoping someone else will love it enough to use it.

  3. More progress to report! A gigantic glass baking dish is out of our small kitchen and in the donate pile! Maybe I’m finally getting better at releasing unwanted gifts so someone can use them.