Simple Saturday ~ What am I

We haven’t had a What Am I quiz for a while and I do have some rather odd decluttered items sometimes. So lets see if you can figure out what this one is. If you can’t work it out I will post it as my declutter item of the day on Monday.

For those of you who haven’t played this game with us before it is simple to play. All you have to do is guess what the object/s is that I have included a close-up photo of. It is of course something that I am decluttering. Leave a comment with your guess if you want and on Monday you will find out if you were correct or not. There is no prize but I will let you know who the clever person was the sent in the first correct answer.

What Am I?

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  1. Well, they look just like plates to me, but since that wouldn’t be tricky, how about if I guess that they are the special feet you put under heavy furniture (now decluttered, of course) to help them move across the floor more easily and without scratching.

  2. batteries!

  3. I vote for the coppertops!

  4. My guess: burner covers for your stove.

    I’m really excited. I got rid of a 4-drawer square wood storage unit, two 6 “drawer” Iris storage things on wheels, and a boat load of scrapping stuff. WooHoo! I’m jazzed.

  5. Tambourine?

    Although I suspect Lena may be closer with batteries 🙂

  6. Dur@cell batteries…!

  7. I’m guessing stacks of buttons.

  8. I’m guessing an electronic shaver(-device, cut me some slack, english is not my native tongue). If that isn’t the case, I go for (almost) empty powder make up pans.

  9. I was going to say a triple-headed shaver too, but it doesn’t look *exactly* like that, so I’m stumped.

  10. It looks like it could be part of a penguin face – souvenir maybe

  11. I think it is a stove top egg poacher.

  12. Hand cymbals?
    Air raid siren.

  13. I’m with Cindy – under furniture protectors.
    I have to share my joy at decluttering my house over the past 2 weeks. I had massive problem and needed professional assistance before I could even start. With help I recycled, donated, disposed of 30 packing boxes of clutter and can now enjoy decluttering simple things each day. It’s very exhilarating!!! I had the first guests into my home in almost 2 years because I’m no longer ashamed of my home. I’m proud!!! And I have the before and after pictures to prove it as a reminder to never clutter again!!!

    • Wow Archie’s Girl, you must be feeling the weighted lifted from your shoulders. And how exciting to have guest after so long. You should be proud and I would love to see those photos. I will contact you via email and perhaps you will be kind enough to share them with me.

      • Archie’s Girl, will you allow the 365’ers to see your photos? I’d love to view the before and after. Those photos are soooooo rewarding!!!!!

        • I would love to see them too.

          congratulations, its a big deal making a home feel like a home for others as well. I have been to places where not many people are let in, and I know how big of an emotional deal it can be to make this step. but its like losing weight. once you know how, you figure its not that hard to do. and the good thing is, if you get a little fallback (if its a freebie at the store or a really really heavy cake) you know you just make it up tomorrow and keep decluttering every day. space (and less weight) are the best reward and the best motivator at the same time

          • Well done Archie’s girl! Sometimes using professional help is the best investment you can make towards living now. I used professional help at the start of my process and it has underpinned everything I have achieved since.

    • I am so excited and happy for you!!! You’ve taken the first major step; now this should give you the motivation to keep on with baby steps with the 365lessthings approach. Congratulations!!!!

  14. Beverage coasters. Partial sets.

  15. A three egg poacher – but one of the egg holders has some parts missing revealing the metal underneath 🙂

  16. They remind me of something… on the edges of my memory- but just can’t recall exactly …about the size of a twenty cent piece -and you click them off or pop them off something – and they make a satisfying clicking sound when you get them off and put them on again….Do I win ???!!!