Simple Saturday ~ What am I?

Hi Readers, today for Simple Saturday I have decided to give you a little puzzle to solve. Your mission is to guess, from the photo provided below, what my declutter item is going to be for Monday. I have given you a small fragment of the larger photo of this item and it is up to you to guess what it is. Just leave me a comment if you think you know. The answer will be revealed in Today’s Declutter Item on Monday.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. It looks like a knob on a lid to me. I’m going to guess a cookie jar.

  2. A metal bed frame?
    Well, if not, I know at least one person who is going to declutter one soon …

    • Hi Ideealistin,
      I like your guess but the sizing is wrong. Although I did once declutter a metal bed frame. It’s squeak wasn’t so bad when the kids were young but when it came out of storage when they were teenagers it really had to go.

  3. towel rack?

  4. a chess piece…a pawn

  5. I’m with Ideealistin, a bed frame – maybe wrought iron?

    Great new feature – will this be a regular thing? I hope so!

  6. The Other Lynn

    At first glance, it looked like a blueberry pie! With cream cheese filling there in the background. Don’t think you’d be decluttering that, though!!

  7. Like Angie Kay, I think it looks like a piece from a game, although not necessarily chess. So, my guess is a board game.

  8. It looks like a macro shot of some type of purse closure.

    I’m probably really going to laugh when I find out what it actually is!

  9. First thought was chess but I’m pretty sure it’s a towel rod.

  10. Is it a towel rack?

    • Hi Kath and welcome to 365less things. I don’t believe you have left a comment before so thank you for dropping in. the first of many I hope. But no it is not a towel rack.

  11. It looks like an iron faucet handle, but I don’t think that’s could possibly be what it is.


    • Chelle,
      that is also a good guess but you are not right. There is no limit to the types of things I might be decluttering though so you could just as easily have been right.

  12. I vote towel rack too

  13. Kristin O'Brien

    I think its the handle from an iron fire poker

    • Hi Kristin,
      your mother’s name wouldn’t be Carol would it?
      Your guess has been the best so far, it isn’t right but it is very close to the mark.

      • hiya. no my mums name isn’t Carol, there must be a few of us Kristin O’Briens out there lol

        • Hi Kristin,
          I had it wrong anyway the person I was thinking of is called Kirstin not Kristin. But thank you for answering. It is a pleasure to meet you either way.

  14. Chess set

    • No Dee, sorry, your are welcome to try again. There a clues scattered among the answers I have given to other attempts to solve the puzzle.

  15. Hehe my guess is an old fashioned flat iron. Can’t wait to find out what it really is!

  16. I was going to say handle from a flat iron too… or maybe a macro photo of a drawer pull?

  17. Janine Harrison

    Hi Colleen,
    Also thought it was a towel rail, but I guess that is really taking declutting to a new level if you have to wrench one of those off the wall! Loved listening to you on Wednesday night….It made the freezing drive home from Yea, Victoria (at 0.5 degrees) enjoyable! Love the idea of getting rid of one thing per day and have already pinned a new “Declutter” calender onto my wall, and written in the 3 items already gone from the house! Very inspiring! Well done

    • Good on you Janine and welcome to 365 Less Things. I like that you are writing your daily item on a calendar on the wall, what a great way to track your progress and give yourself encouragement. Don’t ever get discouraged if you get behind because you can always play catch up. If you need any advice about how to find new homes for your stuff please don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing about your progress so don’t forget to drop in and let us know how you are doing.
      Regards Colleen

  18. Looks to me like a hearth fender, but I guess that would be too big.

    • Hi Marianna,
      welcome to 365 Less Things. That was a good guess because it has something to do with fire but not that. Well done.

  19. I haven’t read the other entries but at first I thought it might be a chess piece but now as I look at it more, I’m thinking it’s an old towel bar.

  20. OK, I just went and read the comments; hmmm, not a towel bar. I give up!

  21. Wrought iron candle snuffer?

    • Hi Jo,
      well done you are the winner. Not that there is a prize but well done you. Does this mean you pieced the clues together or do you just have some of the same clutter I do. ๐Ÿ˜†

      • No prize means no clutter!! Glory is MUCH better – Bwahahaha!! For what it’s worth, I’m usually really bad at figuring out things like this. You were very generous with the clues! And after other readers got the scale right, it was easier to “see” what it was.

  22. Is it a fire grate?

  23. towel rack? toilet paper holder (rack)?

  24. oh, just read comments. not towel rack. and since ‘hot’ has been used, not a toilet paper holder…

    one (of a pair) of Andirons for a (wood burning) fire place?

  25. colleen stoutjesdyk

    it looks like an old faucet handle

    • Hi Colleen and welcome to 365 Less Things. Thank you for dropping in and taking a guess but no that is not right. I thing *pol might have suggested that already and it was a very good guess because it certainly does look like that. Stay turned for tomorrow’s post so you can find out what it was.

  26. Looks like the lid of a tea pot or water kettle.

  27. My 8 year old thought it was a towel bar, too, before we read the comments. Now she’s guessing that it’s the top of a tea or coffee pot.

    • Hi Cindy,
      Suddenly Susan just pipped you at the post with the guess but it doesn’t matter because it isn’t right. It was a good guess though because it does look like that.

  28. Candle holder/stick?

  29. Hi Colleen, is it a candle snuffer?

  30. Candle snuffer?

  31. It snuffs candles I reckon!

    • Hi Snosie.
      I reckon you are right but you are the forth to come up with the right answer. Well done though! I have now revealed the other correct answer comments for viewing. Thank you for participating.

      • I got called to dinner, so stopped reading and just responded!! But I thought it was that before I started reading comments. I thought it was so cool they had them in the churchs!

        • Hi Snosie,
          clever you to work it out without any clues. Well done. Buying things because they are a novelty is what gets us in a mess in the first place. When I see things like this these days I think what a cute idea and walk away.


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