Cost v Value

Have you ever considered the cost of the things you buy and own in comparison to the value they actually realise for you. Which example below represents good value for money to you? You bought a new dress to go to an event and it cost you $100. Yes, you had plenty of other dresses you could wear but you wanted a new one. The dress has now been sitting in your closet for six months and you have only worn it on that one occasion. You bought a secondhand bicycle in order to cut down on using the car for short trips. You only paid $50 for it but use it all the time and the added bonus is Continue reading

Day 197 Gogol’s declutter approach

Yesterday at about 10:40pm I was finally getting around to reading the new comments on my blog when I found one from Gogol who hadn't commented before. I enjoyed it so much and I thought you would to. It is an interesting approach to declutter decision making that I don't think I had heard of before. It runs along the same line as putting all your stuff out in the garage and only bring items back into the house if you really feel they are worthy but with a different twist. Gogol if  you are out there reading this  leave a commet and tell us a little about yourself. Here is what Gogol Continue reading