The endless to-do list

Isn't it baffling that no matter how much you reduce your belongings and simplify your life, there still seems to always be an endless to-do list. I think it is highly possible, at least in my case, that while I am un-complicating one area of my life I am filling that void with something else. Actually as I write this, I am sure I published a post on this very subject not so long back. Nevertheless I am going to prattle on about it again today. If for no other reason than the fact that I obviously didn't listen to my own advice the last time.  Sometimes even the things we enjoy in life Continue reading

Sharing a comment again

I received the following comment from Peggy on Friday and wanted to share it here so people, who don't read the comments, might see it. It is comments like this that inspire me to keep on blogging. I am just lucky that I get them on a regular basis. So thank you Peggy and all those 365ers who write in to tell us similar stories. So without further adieu her is Peggy's comment... "When I think about the things I have managed to pass along or repurpose, I am amazed!  The dollhouse (sold), an unused medical test kit (returned to lab), unused Sephora gift bags (returned to store), foam roller, Continue reading

A collection of thoughts

I've been racking my brain today, trying to come up with an idea for a blog post, without success. I thought of a few experiences I have encountered during the week in reference to clutter. However these thoughts didn't amount to enough content for writing a whole blog post. So I decided I would just put these thoughts to you and see what comments ensue. The conversation in the comments section is often as stimulating and inspiring as a post anyway due to my clever and engaged readers. So here goes. I was thinking of how I hold on to some things longer than I ought to, because I just Continue reading

Never too young to learn to declutter

I was at my son's house on Sunday to pick up some packaging he wanted us to put in our recycling and trash as he had bought a new sofa and his bins were full. He also had several items to give me to take to the thrift shop. As I was sitting enjoying a little time chatting with my step-granddaughter my husband and son were packing up the car. She suddenly noticed what looked like some sort of plush toy jutting a little from one of the bags destined for the car. She asked if she could see what was in it and my son said no that we needed to get the stuff to the car. She began to get upset Continue reading

Gift Cards ~ by Moni Gilbert

Gift giving and receiving can be a touchy subject for 365'ers and their relatives. The best compromise to date, is the gift card or vouchers. However, reports show that $1 billion dollars worth in 2013 weren't redeemed and $2 billion dollars worth in 2014. No wonder retailers love gift cards! Money for nothing! This made me consider the gift cards that were floating around my kitchen drawer and decided to use these as part of my decluttering mini-missions. It turns out I had three - one for $25 to a supermarket, one for $20 at the shopping mall and one for $100 dinner at a local Continue reading

Use your imagination for offloading your stuff

I am sure I have talked about this topic numerous times but it is worth repeating over and over again. Two situations in recent times have brought both sides of this subject to the fore again for me. Situation 1 ~ Many times over the last few years I have given advice to my friend, who I just helped declutter, to slowly start getting rid of her stuff. She even reads my blog sometimes. One of the pieces of advice dished out was to have a plan for where to offload her unwanted stuff. However aside from giving me craft items and her friend, who is a teacher, craft and stationery items and she Continue reading

The hurricane method of decluttering Part III

Well folks I have spent the last two days hectically decluttering and organising for my friend and I have to say it was hard yakka (Australian for hard work). Call me strange but I really enjoyed it and was a little sorry to have to drag myself away so soon when there were still things to be done. I am very happy to be home with my husband though. And extremely grateful for my wonderful apartment that, considering I haven't done my weekly clean for the last two Mondays', was there to welcome me home looking tidy and cleaner than I expected. It will be Monday before I bother to do much in the Continue reading

The hurricane method of decluttering Part II

Find Part I here if you haven't already read it. I forgot to mention that at the end of Saturday's effort we were sitting together in the craft room talking a little about the progress of the day, and my friend was lamenting that she wished things had been different and this task could have been a lot easier. I don't recall exactly what I said but I assured her that I was proud of the progress she had made and how well she was doing with the decluttering process. It is always best to look forward and not dwell on past mistakes, just make things better in the future. Sunday dawned and I had Continue reading

The hurricane method of decluttering. Part 1

The hurricane method of decluttering, as Moni dubbed it, is when one rips through the house decluttering a vast amount of stuff all at once. A person's hand is often forced into this action due to a sudden change in circumstances which makes a big declutter necessary. A hurricane declutter was exactly what I was helping a friend with on the weekend. She had been thinking of moving but found a new place quicker than expected, and just when her best friend was leaving for an overseas vacation. She phoned me in a panic on Wednesday last week begging for my help. I quickly agreed and took a three Continue reading

Sanna’s lastest 20 thing challenge update

Hello everyone! How are your challenges going? My original 3-week's challenge has ended, but I will keep going for another week as it has only now begun to get a little harder and I'd like to find some more hidden clutter to get rid of. The pace is getting a little challenging meanwhile, but I will do it for the rest of July! For me, it has been a success so far. I kept decluttering my 20 things a day and even got rid of some more (all together another week's worth). Mostly sewing supplies, photos, paper and office supplies had to go, but I also got rid of the odd item of clothing, dishware Continue reading