Day 302 Friday’s favorite five

Five Favourite comments for this week - Once again it was hard to choose because there were so many and of course I loved all the ones wishing my boy well and I thank you all for that. Ornela on Day 299 -Isn’t it beautiful to look at the world through the eyes of a child? - Read More Imogen on Day 299 - Things I am grateful for... Read More Bobbi on Day 298 - Great post, inspiring for many I am sure... Read More Jo & Di on Day 298 - Jo - Cindy, they are not too long at all in my opinion... Read More Di - Cindy, you are always offering such useful information... Read More Continue reading

Day 218 Favourite Five Comments & Links

I have decided to dedicate Fridays to my favourite five reader comments and links I enjoyed throughout the week. Today is the first edition I hope you enjoy it. My Favourite Five Comments Cindy on Day 216:- I have a trash can with a lid that raises automatically. We put rechargeable batteries in it and only change them once or twice a year. I love it that it opens when my hands are full and gunky; I love it because it keeps all odors in; I love it because I reused dog food bags... Read More Willow on Day 215:-  I agree Stephanie that the declutering/minimizing/simplifying process is a Continue reading