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Day 345 eBay revisited

I have written several posts about eBay before... Day 134 My eBay preparations Day 155 A selling milestone Day 127 Snow gear eBay sale ...including posts about packaging up items for shipping... Day 138 Packaging up your eBay sales Day 160 My thrifty packaging ...I also keep a tally of how many items I have sold on eBay and how much money that has returned to us through these sales on my Give Away – Throw Away – Sell – Use Up page. Recently I wrote a post about my eBayers Block and how I had a bunch of things that I wanted to sell but just couldn't force myself to get Continue reading

Day 344 Fave Five Friday

Although it is always hard to choose it was particularly hard this week with so many thoughtful comments coming through. These are the five favourite comments of this week. Calico ginger on Day 338 – I have been thinking about this “stocking up” a lot because I downsized last year… Read more Cindy on Day 338 – I have a large bin of gifts for the children to give for birthday presents… Read more Bronwyn on Day 343 – My little grandson has his 1st birthday 2 weeks before Christmas… Read more Susan on Day 341 – our weirdest thing is my cat’s bladder stones… Read more Paola on Day Continue reading

Day 343 An uncluttered Chirstmas

In the spirit of giving at Christmas I have compiled a list of non cluttering gift ideas. This list can also be used throughout the year for birthdays and other gift giving occasions. I have cut and pasted a list I compiled back on Day 199 and added some more ideas. If you have any other great ideas to add to the list I will be happy to include them and then make a page out of it that we can refer back when ever we feel the need. So get those good idea to me via a comment I am looking forward to your contributions. Edible Treats Chocolate/Candy Cake (provide a cake for someone's happy Continue reading

Day 342 Buy Nothing Christmas

Cindy Bogard's Weekly Post There is a group of Canadian Mennonites who, along with AdBusters, promotes a Buy Nothing Christmas While my family will not be having a Buy Nothing Christmas, we will be having a Buy Not A Lot Christmas. Each year, I’ve tried to cut back, usually with only moderate success. One memorable year, the kids got so overwhelmed by the number of gifts that we had to take a break from opening them. Good grief! Can you say “enough already!” This year Christmas comes very close to my half-year of decluttering anniversary. Having looked so Continue reading

Day 341 Strangest clutter

I think it is time to play another round of... Who has the weirdest item of clutter? Back on Day 168 I asked - What is the strangest item among your clutter? - and I got some very interesting responses including Dog teeth and a ventriloquist dummy. Well after hearing a story from my Mother-in-law this week I think she may have you all beat before we even begin this round. She has a small bottle containing a birth veil or caul from her grandmother dating back to 1884. According to Wise Geek a caul is a portion of the amniotic sac which clings to an infant as it is being born. As a result, Continue reading

Day 340 In My Expert Opinion

A guest post by Cindy Bogard I subscribe to Real Simple magazine. I enjoy it, especially the section “New Uses for Everyday Things” which gives alternate uses for common objects. (Newspaper can deodorize food odors. Who knew?) The December 2010 issue had an article called “Five Things to Save for Your Kids.” “That sounds good,” I thought. Well, think again, Real Simple. For once, I think your advice stinks. The five experts and their “must keep” items are: Eric Silver, an antique gallery owner and appraiser on Antiques Roadshow: Insignificant objects from significant occasions, such Continue reading

Day 339 Simple Sunday (Saturday for some)

I have a little book that a friend gave me recently although she knows better than to give me presents she just can't help herself. The little book is called Everyday Happy 365 Ways to a better you - by Jenny Hare. Day 339 was so relevant to the way I declutter that I thought I would share it with you on Day 339  Simple Sunday. So here it is... Break tasks down When you are trying to get something done, it may help to break the project down into easy do-able chunks. Looking at the whole picture can be so daunting that you judder to a halt before you've even begun. Setting it out in Continue reading

Day 338 The trouble with stocking up and hanging on

Stocking up is the brother to I might need it some day and both are a problem when it comes to trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle. One can create clutter while the other can undermine the decluttering process. Either one has the potential to cause mischief on its own but put the two together and you may even create the basis of hoarding. Lets look at stocking up first... The problem with stocking up is that it rightly or wrongly appears to make economic sense. This is especially so when it comes special deals where you can get two for the price of one. In this instance it would seem Continue reading

Day 337 Friday’s Five

Five comment I wanted to share with you this week Rachel K on Day 331 - Your messages have been a great inspiration to me... Read more Ornela on Day 333 - Yet another wonderful, insightful post. It hurts how much you’re right... Read more Deb J on Day 333 - When I was growing up we didn’t always have the latest and greatest... Read more Deb J on Day 335 - Cindy & Colleen, I have realized how much decluttering has changed me... Read more Rachel on Day 335 - Colleen, recently you posted about *Take 5*... Read more Five post I wanted to share with you this week Be More With Continue reading

Day 336 X-Mas Craft Declutter

Well the jolly fat man is due to arrive again but that isn't going to send me into a spin this year. I have let my family know that I will not be wanting any gifts and aren't planning on buying any for anyone else. I will be giving my children money and everyone else will be receiving one of my recycled Christmas cards which is what this post is about. I love simple Christmas I feel so much more relaxed this year. Every Christmas for the last  few years I have been using the cards I received the year before to make the years supply of Christmas cards. Instead of sending generic cards I am Continue reading