Mini Mission ~ Friday 22Dec2017

Declutter a couple of old shabby shoes that you no long choose to use. Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Dec2017

Declutter your fridge of out of date items or by using up as much as possible before adding more. With the holiday season here you will likely need every inch of spare space. Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Wednesday 20Dec2017

Declutter by recycling some items. That mound ofused takeout containers, old newspapers and magazines, paperwork that needs shredding, glass jars you set aside in case you have a use for them but never have... Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Tuesday 19Dec2017

Start a trial separation on an item or two that you are on the fence about letting go. Put this/these items in a out of the way place where you won't encounter them on a daily basis and wait to see if you seek them out. If they haven't been used or missed in a few months then I think it would be safe to say it is time to let them go. Continue reading

One in one out

I don't think I have ever dedicated a post to the practice of one in one out. That is, to maintain a decluttered status of your home,  for every item that comes into your home something else should go out in turn. Of course this has been mentioned time and time again here mostly in the context of when you buy something let something go. Buts lets not forget the when you receive something from someone else the same needs to happen or the clutter will begin to build up again. And of course if your home is already cluttered one-in-one-out is only going to maintain the status quo so other Continue reading

Reverse 100 Thing Challenge ~ A guest post by my husband

In October, Courtney Carver at Be More with Less created the Reverse 100 Things Challenge; the aim is to reduce your personal objects by 100 items by December 15. An interesting challenge that I immediately forgot about until it reappeared in my Flipboard feed yesterday. Do we have 100 things left to declutter? Colleen started her one thing a day quest in January 2010, and almost a thousand things have left our lives over the last three years. Could I even find 100 more items to move on to a new home? I grabbed a few items that had been earmarked for removal, rummaged through the Continue reading