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Day 325 Simply Sunday – Erich Fromm

This post was inspired by an episode of CSI Las Vegas while the excerpt below is borrowed from To Have or To Be (1976) was Erich Fromm's last major work. In it he argues that two ways of existence were competing for 'the spirit of mankind' - having and being. The having mode looks to things and material possessions and is based on aggression and greed. The being mode is rooted in love and is concerned with shared experience and productive activity. The dominance of the having mode (as he argued in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness) was bringing the world to the edge of Continue reading

Day 324 Movement is exercise

From that heading you are probably wondering what is Colleen going to be on about today. Well, exactly as the title says movement is exercise - every movement you make is exercise it doesn't matter if it is a morning jog, an hour at the gym, walking around the grocery store or picking up around the house - movement is exercise. So why waste all your exercise time in the gym while at the same time feel deflated because your house is always a mess or at least not in the shape you would like it to be in. The good news is that you and your house can get in shape together with the movement is Continue reading

Day 323 This week’s 5

The 5 thought filled comments I wanted to bring to your attention this week in case you missed them the first time around. Eve on Day 317 - I do have an opinion on this, which is... Read more Isabella on day 317 - You could just “white knuckle it” as Dr Phil would say... Read more Calico Ginger on Day 317 - For me it’s about connections. Some stuff I’m not “connected” to... Read more Bridget on Day 318- After spending two weeks at mom’s house...  Read more Anna on Day 321 - Just from where I am sitting now I can see... Read more Make sure you scroll down in that Continue reading

Day 322 The garage – Before and after

I am satisfied with the fact that our garage is a work in progress. Certainly the step by step strategy is being employed in this area of our house more so than anywhere else.  Sometimes it may be one step forward, two steps back because it is the holding area for many things... Items awaiting their trip to the thrift store. Ebay auctions items that we haven't dealt with yet. Things that belong to the children that will move on when they do. Things that we are not real sure we want to get rid of or not. And I dare say there are more than a few things that we just haven't Continue reading

Day 321 Overlooked Clutter

A Guest Post by Cindy Bogard Recently, we were carving pumpkins on the screen porch, and during a lull in the action, I thought I would be efficient and put away the clothes on the little drying rack I keep out there. Now, if you knew what was on that rack and how long it had been there, you’d be laughing like a crazy person at my use of the word “efficient.” That’s because the things on the rack, swimsuits and swim shirts for all four of us plus three towels, had been there since the last time we went swimming, at least 2 months ago. Um, yeah. I think they’re dry. Once clutter Continue reading

Day 320 The journey so far

When we knew we would be moving back to Australia from the USA in July 2007, we wanted to move straight into our town-house with all our belongings and settle quickly into our new life. I suppose that is when  we truly began the decluttering. We did several things to purge items we knew we didn't want to take back with us. Luckily, we sold some stuff at a planned neighbourhood garage sale. We also listed other things for sale to other Aussies who were staying in the US, and sold some things to the family who replaced us. We also donated a bunch of stuff to charity. I kept several electronic Continue reading

Day 319 Bargains are still clutter

Way back on day 94 I wrote a post called - When a bargain isn't a bargain - and just recently I started a post on Unclutterer Forums titled - Can you justify your last purchase? The old post from day 94 is worth a second read if you are a sucker for a bargain and have a home cluttered with them. Some of these bargains prove useful while others whose low buying price is the main focus of attraction soon become guilt clutter taking up space in your home. As for the topic I started on Unclutterer Forums I was a little amazed at how many people can justify a purchase simply because it was a Continue reading

Day 318 Simply Sunday – It’s a new day

I love it that we get to start over each morning with a “new day”. This statement formed part of a comment left by Suddenly Susan @ Freezerburned recently and it is a good attitude to live by. This creed can easily relate to our decluttering efforts especially when we are dissatisfied with a poor performance at any point. Instead of beating ourselves up about it we can just wake up and start afresh tomorrow with a better attitude and renewed vigour. Today Is A New Day! Today is a beautiful day because it’s a gift. Many people around the world did not receive Continue reading

Day 317 Ebayers Block

I seem to be suffering from ebayers block at the moment. I know what the cause is and I was hoping if I share it with you maybe you would have some good advice for me on how to overcome it. Here are a list of my symptoms... Lack of enthusiasm for writing descriptions and uploading photos. Not being sure what starting price to set. Fear of not realising a good price for the items that are going up for auction. Taking into account the original price paid and the lack of use some items received. Fear that the items won't sell and I will have wasted the money on insertion fees. Not Continue reading

Day 316 Friday’s Five

Five comments I didn't want anyone to miss this week Di on Day 310 - Thanks, Cindy, for a great post. In the 14 months that I have been decluttering...  Read more Jo on Day 310 - Yes, yes, YES! This is why I love “a-thing-a-day” decluttering too!... Read more Crystal on Day 312 - ...A couple of sayings that have helped me immensely... Read more Meg on Day 314 - Clean out your purse either right before shopping or right after... Read more Cat's meow on Day 314 - I know what you mean. During the past year I’ve read... Read more Five post I enjoyed reading this week Art of Continue reading