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In case you missed it

Raesha left this comment on Friday in response to ~Don't let it linger - Donate~ and I just had to make sure everyone had a chance to see it. I know you don't all have time to read the comments so please enjoy her story if you missed it... Thank you for this great post today. I wanted to share a story with you that perfectly illustrates this point. My grandpa passed away a little over two years ago and one of the things I inherited from him was his organ – a big old beast of a thing – that required us to haul it from California to New Mexico (After it had been hauled to California from Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Another Before & After

The following pictures are before and after shots of my living room that once again show that even in an uncluttered room things can end up out of place. Can you spot the 12 differences between the two photos If you want to see a the solution to this SPOT THE DIFFERENCE puzzle here is a link Continue reading

Friday’s favourite five 18MAR2011

This week I have decided to feature five recent comments from five readers that are new to commenting here at 365lessthings Virginia in response to Natural Progression Decluttering~ I try to use everything until its gone... Read more Katie in response to Moving Fantasies ~ I think it depends with furniture as willow pointed out ... Read more Holly in response to Day 273 Why am I still clinging ~ I’ve only just recently found your blog... Read more Debra F in response to Moving Fantasies ~ I love this post. We just moved 7 weeks ago... Read more Happy Clam in response to Don't let Continue reading

Don’t let it linger – Donate

Inspired by Tuesday's post responses I thought I would like to just give a little more encouragement for people to donate items that are lingering in their homes. We all have items that were given to us as gifts that we feel guilty about giving away. Just as we have heirloom items that we feel the same way about. We keep them out of obligation rather than for the love of the item. There are also those guilt items that we spent good money on but never really used as much as we thought we would. There is no better way that I can think of to rid yourself of this guilt or obligation than to Continue reading

Moving Fantasies

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My husband surprised me this morning by telling me that a recruiter from Microsoft had contacted him about a job. I think I surprised him even more by saying, “In Washington State? Go for it.” Truth be told, I surprised myself. I have lived in Austin, Texas for almost 30 years, virtually all of my adult life. I like my life here, but the summers are brutal, my husband is terribly allergic to pecan trees for six weeks every spring, and the statewide politics make me grind my teeth in frustration.  Washington is cool and rainy with no pecans, and the politics are much more Continue reading

What Really Matters in your Life

Often someone else will turn on the television while I am in the room but I am not really watching it. It is however hard to ignore news broadcasts about all the natural disasters that keep happening this year. The latest disaster in Japan is horrifying to behold and conjures up a lot of feelings and deep thought. I don't know about you but my first reaction was 'Oh my god, all those people dead, injured and missing!' Watching the tsunami destroy everything in its path, lives, buildings, cars, ships... The sadness and misery felt by those left behind trying to come to terms with the loss of Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday – Too much of a good thing

I am sure we all have multiples of certain items cluttering up our home. Items that a certain number of would suffice but we have several more than necessary. It occurred to me last week that I have a set of everyday glasses in my kitchen cabinet. This set has four sizes one of which never gets used. So why am I keeping them? What amazed me also was - that they have been staring me in the face for the last 14 months and I hadn't even noticed this excess. That got me thinking about what else is lurking around my home that has escaped my notice. I am sure you also have items like this and my Continue reading

One Reader’s declutter story – by Cat’s Meow

The first decluttering I remember doing when I was perhaps ten or eleven years old. I wanted a more "grown-up" room with more aesthetic appeal. I always liked the "less but something I really love"-approach. I remember it being very hard because I felt guilty for tossing away anything. It was mostly broken pencils and some random plastic junk or a freebie sticker. A tiny bag, and I still felt bad about not wanting to keep that stuff anymore. Most stuff I couldn't even have gotten rid of without asking my parents anyway. This same feeling followed me around - I actually could not get rid of Continue reading

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

I would like to take this opportunity to send my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan this afternoon. I also hope that the people in areas in the path of the tsunami have a chance to evacuate and avert further tragedy. My heart goes out to all those involved. Continue reading

Favourite Five for Friday 11MAR2011

Wow! It was difficult this week to condense down to only five comments because there were so many good ones and a lot of AH HA moment for our readers and for me too. I would like to feature much more than five but these are the five I have chosen... Laura in response to Adam and Eve and rampant consumerism - ...Colleen’s essential point is correct... Read more I was particularly please with Nurchamiels response to this comment. Learning these lessons when you are young is so important. Anne in response to Friday's favourite five - ...I injured my foot this week and was ordered to stay off Continue reading