Large area declutter ~ Minimal disruption

This post is all about breaking down, into steps, the task of decluttering a large cluttered area of your home without causing undue disruption. I am going to use the kitchen as my example area, however these steps can be easily adapted to any space. I chose the kitchen simply because, in Western Society, this space usually has lots of divisions of space with lots of individual items in them. So without further adieu let us begin. Step One ~ Setting up If you don't already have a space set up to store the decluttered items prior to complete removal from your home ~ I call this the Continue reading

Stuff x Emotions ~ A guest post by Andréia

It seems funny to talk about emotions and feelings when talking about inanimate objects that can be replaced, but we place emotion and feelings on stuff all the time. It can be good or it can be really bad. If you have a loving memory attached to a few chosen mementos in a little cardboard box or on a shelf, well cared for and displayed in your home it is all good and fun, because those things take you to a good place and make you feel good every time you look at them. On the other hand, we, as human beings, tend to hold on to suffering and pain as well. Not only in thought but in objects Continue reading

The hurricane method of decluttering. Part 1

The hurricane method of decluttering, as Moni dubbed it, is when one rips through the house decluttering a vast amount of stuff all at once. A person's hand is often forced into this action due to a sudden change in circumstances which makes a big declutter necessary. A hurricane declutter was exactly what I was helping a friend with on the weekend. She had been thinking of moving but found a new place quicker than expected, and just when her best friend was leaving for an overseas vacation. She phoned me in a panic on Wednesday last week begging for my help. I quickly agreed and took a three Continue reading

Have faith that you won’t need it one day

As the saying goes ~ "Believe and the Universe will provide." Whether you are religious, spiritual or neither there is a good chance that this saying is true for you. It sure has been true for me, and that is why I never worry about letting go of the things that I don't use. I hold on to very little in the way of things that I only think I might need some day because I have no doubt that... ...I probably won't and never did "need" it in the first place and... ...and anything I do need want can be easily replaced at a later date. One of the reasons I believe these this is that I Continue reading

Put away the emotions

I received a comment from Michelle yesterday in response to the day's mini mission ~ Declutter a sentimental item that doesn’t bring much in the way of happy memories. Michelle took on this challenge and then some. the conclusion she came to during this task was very insightful. So much so that I wanted to share it with you all. Here is what she had to say... Michelle ~ "I guess this would go for both Monday and Saturday. I have mentioned before that I collect (maybe USED to collect??) vintage brooches. I have somewhere along the lines of 75-90 regular ones and then about 45 Christmas Continue reading

Declutter your mind to declutter you home

The hardest part of decluttering happen in you mind. The clutter itself isn't really the problem it is the preconceived ideas we have about what we should, could and must keep and what we think we can't live without. If these thoughts are hindering your decluttering perhaps it is time to declutter your mind. Question every thought about what you should, must and have room to keep even though you don't really need or want them. And rethink what is really important to you when it comes to those items you feel you can't let go. We are often in a tug of war over wishing we had the space or that Continue reading

Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve, I believe, is about more than just defying Gods wishes and giving into temptation. Even many religious people believe this to be a made up story, a parable if you will, to make a point. Or even several points, if you read between the lines.  One clear lesson of this parable, that I see, is to be satisfied with what you have and not be forever wanting for more or other things. Given the age of this story, even if made up, it is obvious that people have been inherently greedy for a millennia or more. So why is it that no matter how much we have we are always Continue reading

Control Issues

All that "I might need it one day!" clutter is about control. Control over your future, a future that may never unveil itself. A future created in your own mind that won't allow you to relinquish items you don't have a use for right now, probably never will and in all honesty, although used in the past, were never really needed even then. What tragic outcome would ensue in the future if, today, you decluttered that spare potato peeler? If you got rid of that ever growing pile of ragged bath towels you save in case of a huge spill? If you put all those magazine clippings in the recycling bin Continue reading

In Denial

Have your ever been or are you currently in denial about the state of the clutter level in your home? Do any of the following scenarios ring true for you? I am happy with the clutter level in my home. ~ While at the same time you wish your home was easier to keep tidy. I am comfortable with the level of clutter in my home. ~ But what you really mean is ~ you feel more uncomfortable with the thought of letting go of more of your precious stuff than you do of living with the resulting discomfort of keeping it. I am more careful about what I bring into my home. ~ But really you've Continue reading

Reverse Rationalising

One of my readers commented this week that she often finds herself trying to rationalise keeping items rather than letting them go. I have two pieces of advice about this behaviour. 1. If you find yourself doing this just put the item aside and move on to something that is easier for you to declutter. My experience has been that we get better at this decluttering thing with experience. The experience of performing it and the pleasant experience of realising the advantages of owning less stuff. I don't need to repeat again what they are. There is nearly always something that we a willing to Continue reading