A thought about gifts

Recall for a moment an event where you received a gift that you really wanted. The perfect give that you used and enjoyed for some time. Remember the delight at the sight of such a gift when you opened the wrapping. Can you recall how wonderful you felt in that moment? Can you also recall the gratitude you felt for the giver? That positive energy returned each time you used and enjoyed this gift, right? Now remember receiving a gift you didn't particularly want. Not necessarily something you hated, just something you didn't care about or have a use for. You were thankful that someone cared Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ How to Increase Productivity

This morning, I heard an interesting article on time use and efficiency on the local public radio station. You can read the article here. The gist of it was that of the 8 hours most Americans are at work each day, only 5 of it is spend in productive work. Various guests had different solutions for this perceived problem. My favorite was from Teresa Amabile, a Harvard Business School professor. She said that "documenting progress on work, no matter how minor, is by far the most effective tool [to increase productivity]." Just staying motivated, she says, is still the best way to get work Continue reading

Fight or Flight

Once clutter has built up in ones home there is no doubt that it is going to take some effort to expel it all. This task can appear  monstrous, frighteningly so,  which is likely to set off the fight or flight reflex in our minds. Most people have either one tendency or the other, fight or flight. If their natural reflex is to fight then they will likely just knuckle down and get on with the task. The most distasteful outcome facing these kinds of people is being beaten, so watch out clutter, here they come. However, there is a chance that, approaching this task in an easy come easy go Continue reading

Be happy with what you declutter today.

In a bid to empty my inbox the other day I came upon this post from over at The Change Blog. It is titled ~ Why I stopped chasing happiness. I wanted to share it with you because the principle behind it is something that we should apply to our decluttering efforts. Take a read of it now if you like before you read what I have to say on the subject. The problem that Isis was dealing with in her life is similar to when people just like you or me decide that the clutter in our homes has become overwhelming and we need to do something about it. Immediately most people get a vision in mind of Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Do You Have Hoarding Tendencies?

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I'm about half way through the book The Hoarder in You by Dr. Robin Zasio. Dr. Zasio is a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and compulsions with a sub-specialty in hoarding; she is a consultant on the TV program Hoarders. Early in the book, there's a box: Do You Have Hoarding Tendencies? Of course, I answered "no" before I read the checklist. In fact, according to Dr. Zasio, I do have some. Well that's a disappointment. Here is her list along with the paragraph that follows and my answers in blue: Do you have a hard time parting with items, even if you Continue reading

Let gratitude be your guide

On Saturday while writing my gratitude list it occurred to me that one could apply the feeling of gratitude to their decision making process while decluttering. It really is a very simple concept. If the item you are considering doesn't make you feel grateful that you own it then it probably isn't something that you need to keep. There are many reasons to be grateful for things that you own. You might be grateful that an item makes a task easier. You may receive pleasure from the beauty of another item which is also something to be grateful for. Other items may bring you warmth, comfort, joy, Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Procrastination

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My mother is a famous procrastinator, at least according to my father. He once bought her a t-shirt with a letter printed on it that said, "Ken, I promise to stop procrastinating. Later. -Rosalie." Considering that I think my mother never stops moving and doing, I'm not really sure what he was talking about. Maybe's she's changed over time. I know that in terms of procrastination, I can change from week to week. What I find is that procrastination doesn't save time; it creates work, clutter, and distraction. Obviously we can't do every single thing we think needs to Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Perfectionism

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom Perfectionism. Can you be too perfect? Oh yeah. Ironically, many cluttered people are perfectionists. Certainly perfectionism was one of the anchors that used to hold me back. Wanting everything to be perfect can keep you from making progress in a number of ways: You don't have the perfect organization system, so you have no system. You can't get rid of something because you need to determine the perfect person / perfect place for that item to go next. You know the perfect person - the exact perfect person - and the fact that you only see them once every two Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom One person's trash is another person's treasure. That's a saying we've all heard and probably have said. I first truly appreciated the saying at the first garage sale I ever held as an adult. As we raised the garage door at 8:00 am, shoppers began ducking under the rising door, eager to be the first inside. The very first thing that sold was a men's electric razor for $5. The next thing to sell was a rusted kitchen knife for 10 cents. That's when I first came to believe that you really can sell anything. But, of course, decluttering doesn't have to be about selling, Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Change your mind

If you have any doubts that you can change your habits of acquiring and keep stuff this link will set your mind at ease. It is always possible to retrain your mind to a new way of doing things no matter how old or set in yours ways you think you are. The desire to change is all it takes to get started. Here is the link from Creative Affirmations. The Weekend's Mini Missions Saturday – Declutter a Natural Progression item ~ Something that no longer fits, physically or intelectually or has simply been used up or worn out. Sunday – Declutter a Location Inappropriate item ~ That is Continue reading