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Day 70: Dish Rack

Today was a simple choice. When we first moved into our current home there was no dishwasher so I bought a dish rack to drain the dishes on after the laborious effort of washing them by hand. The sink area of this house was so badly designed that we soon decided that  we really had to have a dishwasher even though it may not be the most environmentally friendly choice. So now we no longer need the dish rack, it doesn't fit in any of the kitchen cupboards and it will only rust if left lying around unused to out it goes. Continue reading

Day 69:Everchanging Technology

One thing that is ever-changing these days is technology. I couldn't count how many times we have upgraded our computers from when we first bought one in 1991. As you get more and more computer savvy and able to do things like build them yourself it is inevitable that certain components are going to get set aside for "one day" when you decide to do this or that with them. Somehow, "one day" never comes and every time you look at that ever-growing pile of "junk" you feel guilty or inadequate that you haven't built that incredible "whatever" with it. Give yourself a break, sell them on eBay or Continue reading

Day 68: It Never Snows Here, So We Sold the Snowboard

A change of living location can render some items in your home useless due to variation in things like climate, living space, geography etc . For example, a snow shovel becomes redundant when you move from snowy New York to sunny Florida, a lawn mower may be of no use if you move from a house with a yard to an apartment building and those goggles and flippers won't come in too useful if you move 300 miles inland. I know that in a couple of years time you might have a complete change around but trust me things can deteriorate from lack of use and might just become useless anyway so pass them on Continue reading

Day 67: You Can Have Too Much Tupperware.

The item for today is a pair of Tupperware Deli Keepers which you might be forgiven for thinking that I would just donate to charity as I have done with the majority of the stuff I have already offloaded. I have discovered though that it is a good idea to investigate how certain items perform on eBay before deciding what is to become of them. As you can see from my list of sold items that I have managed to auction off all the accessories of my Kenwood mixer in order to raise the cash to replace the mixer that died on me some time ago. eBay can be a very useful tool to utilise on this purging Continue reading

Day 66 Photograph for memories sake

At some point early in this exercise, my husband suggested that I photo document the items we rid ourselves of with the intention that I should get this blog up and running. I have since discovered two other good reasons for this archive of visual reminders of what was. The first being that we can look back on our achievement as we go along and remind ourselves how much clutter we expelled from the ever expanding space we live in. It inspires us everyday to come up with an idea for tomorrows contribution. The second reason is that, if there is the odd thing that we had a hard time parting Continue reading

Day 65 Nike Skate Shoes

Today, three pair of holey Nike Skate shoes that languished in the shoe cupboard for nearly three years head to the garbage bin. We can sometimes make personal attachments to the strangest things. I suppose this is so because they remind us of a happier time in a place we would much rather still be, a common mistake we fall into that causes a lot of clutter in our lives. Purging ourselves of these useless items will not make us forget the good times, the places we've been or the people we've met along the way so don't be afraid to let go. It is just "stuff" after all, the memories remain. The Continue reading

Starting at Day 64 of the 365 Less Things Challenge

Today I belatedly begin my blog on the 64th day of my 365 day resolution to rid my home of those under utilised items cluttering up every nook and cranny. That is probably a little unfair to myself because I am not a hoarder by any means and after years of moving around the country and even overseas due to my husbands job I have kept things fairly under control but kids grow up, hobbies change and our focus shifts making some items quite redundant yet often still quite useful to someone else. Here is the list of the 64 items already being "loved again" or filling up a landfill Continue reading